The Doon School has had a reputation of producing good leaders and we believe that leadership skills can be taught. Hence, in keeping with the tradition, it is our endeavour to equip the boys with the right leadership skills for the modern world. There are some whole school programmes that we run for boys from D form to SC form year on year, and some age-specific programmes. Details of some of the programmes are as follows:

1. Youreka Whole School Leadership Programme.

This is based on the five essentials of leadership behaviour – Ethics, Self-Confidence, Taking Charge, Achievement Drive and Respect for Others.

Through experiential workshops we aim to build leadership skills in all boys. This is conducted via a full-day workshop in the spring term and a half-day workshop in the autumn term per form, in groups no larger than 20. The methodology used is Experience – Reflection – Analysis and Sharing – Action (testing new learning).

In addition to the above, Youreka conducts a 3 days off-site programme with Prefects at the start of their tenure, to get them to focus on their plan of action for their term as the leading body at the school. This is reviewed two times during the course of the year, to evaluate and realign the thoughts and actions of the Prefects.

2. Emotional Literacy By Ms. Naella Grew.

Ms. Grew visits the school four times a year to address staff and boys from D form upwards with the aim to sensitizing boys on emotions, to improve empathy and self-awareness, leading to improved behavior, and to encourage leadership by motivation rather than fear.

3. Mid-term training for A form.

Mid-terms, particularly private mid-terms, are a great opportunity to demonstrate leadership skills. A workshop is conducted over a weekend, off campus. The focus is on preparing them for private mid-terms, with practical experience in terms of budgeting, tent pitching, safety, emergency response, etc.

4. The Global Ethical Leadership Foundation.

As a member of tGELF, a group of boys volunteer to be members of the leadership club in S and SC form. This allows them to be a part of the Youth Leadership Club in college, providing them with opportunities to interact with leading personnel from various fields at the annual conference, internships and support from tGELF through college, both in the form of scholarships and mentoring. A number of the tGELF modules on Leadership are also incorporated in the Life Skills classes.

5. Other parts of the programme include:

Good leaders must exhibit good soft skills, hence dining etiquette sessions are held regularly. Age-appropriate workshops are conducted on topics such as Anger Management, Gender Sensitivity, Communication Skills – Voice Modulation and Impact of Body Language, Responsible Use of Social Media, etc. The Armed Forces are an epitome of leadership. Boys are provided an opportunity to experience this by visits to the Indian Military Academy and Air Force stations.

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