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Admissions Overview
Admissions Details
The school admits boys in January and April every year. In January, it admits into the 8th standard (C form), and in April it admits into the 7th standard (D form).

To be admitted in the 7th standard, a boy must be over 11 years and under 12 years of age in September of the year in which he sits for the entrance test. To be admitted in the 8th standard, he must be over 12 years and under 13 years of age in September of the year in which he sits for the test.

Admissions is a two step process.

The written test is held in November of every year. The test consists of five papers: English, Hindi, Mathematics, and two abstract reasoning tests (Verbal Reasoning and Non-verbal Reasoning).

Hindi is a compulsory language up to and including the 10th standard. Therefore, all boys must appear for the test in Hindi. Exemption may be granted to those candidates who have not studied Hindi in the five years prior to the entrance test. In such cases, parents should inform the school, explaining in detail why the boy had not studied Hindi in that period. They should submit supporting letters and certificates from the previous school(s).

  • In the second step of the admissions process, those boys who qualify in the written test are invited for a personal interview. The interviews are usually done in December, at the school and in select cities in different parts of India (Kolkata, Mumbai, and Bangalore/ Hyderabad/Chennai).

The school gives some consideration to the sons, grandsons, and brothers of Old Boys as also to brothers of boys currently in school.

The school does not admit boys after the 8th standard.
In order to sit for the entrance examination again, the candidate must meet the age requirement set out above.

The number of boys admitted every year depends on the vacancies that become available after the candidates for the ISC and ICSE have left the school.

For further details on admission, please contact the Head of Admissions, Mr. Madan Kothari. Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . Phone no: +91-135-2526406

Admission offers are made in January and a complete set of admission documents is sent out which includes a detailed clothing list. The first year is probationary and the terms of the agreement, which are executed on stamped paper before admission is granted, must be abided by.

If a boy is withdrawn from school, the following rules apply:

  • Notice of withdrawal must be given within 30 days of the last date of the term just completed.
  • If a boy is withdrawn once the term has started, no refund of fees is possible.
  • If a boy is withdrawn on medical grounds acceptable to the Headmaster, a rebate of only 20% of the fees will be given in the event that the absence is for half a term or longer.
  • If a boy is withdrawn temporarily for a term for reasons acceptable to the Headmaster and due advance notice is given, a seat retention fee of 60% of the fees for the term will be payable. Seat retention beyond one term is not permitted.  






The Doon School aims for boys to become open-minded, knowledgeable and critical thinkers who can express themselves in a variety of ways. The school seeks to develop principled, reflective, and balanced risk-takers. Each boy is expected to aspire to genuine intellectual achievement. He is also expected to develop and acquire leadership and entrepreneurial skills in school in preparation for the rest of his professional life. A boy is also taught to be proud of his culture, history and place in the world, and to acquire a refined aesthetic sense.



The school offers a broad-based curriculum culminating with the ISC and ICSE board examinations and  the IB Diploma Programme. The curriculum at The Doon School seeks to prepare a boy to understand his unique abilities, to define goals which are both idealistic and obtainable, and to achieve them.



Boys are admitted regardless of caste, colour or religion from all over India. In recent years, boys have also come from overseas and are known as NRIs (Non-Resident Indians). Countries represented in the present student population include the USA, the UK, Singapore, Dubai, Nepal, Uganda, Nigeria, Russia, Canada and Abu Dhabi and Australia. The NRI pupils add an international dimension to the school, without its core ethos being weakened in any way.







The current scholarship programme offered by The Doon School is based upon the candidate’s performance at the entrance examination and subsequent interview. Prospective parents are most welcome to contact the school and request that they wish their son to be considered for such an award subject to his performance at the entrance examination. If prospective parents would like to also indicate their wish to be considered for financial aid (a means tested award) they are most welcome to do so before their son’s entrance examination by informing the Head of Admissions, Mr Madan Kothari.


However, the school only processes applications for bursaries and scholarships once the candidate has been successful in the entrance examination and interview.  




Q. What is the process of making an application for financial aid and demonstrating a parent’s need?


A. The Doon School has a scholarship committee which meets to decide on how financial aid awards are allocated. The Headmaster sits on this committee.


Prospective parents, (whose sons have successfully passed the entrance examination and interview and are offered a place) are required to complete a form which is available from the Head of Admissions. The form requires parents to submit a detailed report of their financial affairs, including joint family income, in order for the school to ascertain whether they are justified in providing financial support to the parents. The form is comprehensive and has been designed to ensure that the school is able to allocate its resources wisely and effectively, so that they reach the most needy parents and does not provide financial support in the form of discounts to parents who do not need it.


Financial Aid (means tested awards), ranges from limited financial support to awards worth 100%+ to support parents who would not be able to afford to send their son to The Doon School. The system also applies to scholars whose parents require further financial support in order to enable their son to attend The Doon School.


Please note: Financial Aid is reviewed annually on application for the full period of a boy’s career at The Doon School, provided that his conduct and industry remain, in the Headmaster’s view, satisfactory, and in accord with the school’s eligibility terms and conditions. However, the Headmaster is entitled, at his sole discretion, to remove the financial award with due notice from any boy who is not working properly, or who otherwise brings disgrace on The Doon School or his own person.


Financial aid will only be awarded if candidates of sufficient financial need present themselves.




Q. Who do I need to contact at The Doon School to acquire the necessary application forms?


A. Please email Mr Madan Kothari, The Head of Admissions 

e: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or telephone: +91-135-2526-406











Mr Kothari will then pass a prospective parent’s application form to the scholarship committee who will then decide, and the school will contact the parent to confirm the outcome.


Current available financial aid (means tested awards):


The following means tested awards are also available:


The Doon School Scholarships: These are numerous need-based scholarships disbursed by the Scholarship Committee and based on the income of the parent. The financial aid amount varies from 25 % to 70 % of the school fee, depending upon the income level of the parent.


The Society of Aerospace Studies: This scholarship is awarded to a Class VIII boy who has an Air Force background, and continues to be awarded to him for the next 6 years.


Rohit Jayal Scholarship: This scholarship is awarded to a boy from an Air Force background.


Tarawati Ram Gopal Mehra Scholarship: This scholarship is awarded on a merit and means tested basis to one boy.


Gagan Mathur Trust: This scholarship is awarded on a merit and means tested basis to one boy.


Asha Sharma (née Sarin) Scholarship Fund: This fund provides up to 50% of the tuition fee assistance to deserving boys in The Doon School. The scholarship will be awarded to boys from the armed forces background. In the event that no boy qualifies from an armed forces background in a given year, the aid may be awarded at the discretion of the school authorities.



Full financial aid awards


The Jean & Eric Simeon Scholarship: This is financial aid worth full fees and which is awarded to a boy from an impoverished background.


The Kumaon Scholarship: This is full financial aid which will be awarded to a one boy who belongs to an economically weaker background, preferably with a household income of less than Rs. 2 lakhs per annum.



Current Parents


If a candidate fails to gain an award, there are various other opportunities in his/her school career to achieve the status of scholar. Further examples are laid out below.



Existing scholarships on offer are:


K.C. Mahindra Education Trust: This scholarship is awarded to the boys who are ‘toppers’ in their academics in each form.



Nikhil Gupta Charitable Trust: This scholarship is awarded to the boy who has scored the highest marks in English, Mathematics and Science, both in ISC and ICSE.



Rai Amitabh Chandra Tennis Award: This consists of two scholarships to be awarded to:


The winner of the Sardar Mohammad Senior Tennis Championship.


The winner of the Dr  S.R. Vohra Junior Championship.


Superama Charitable Trust: This is awarded to a boy who has given excellent performances in Drama.


Anubha Bishnoi Foundation Scholarship: This is a combined merit and financial aid scholarship which is awarded to a boy who has an outstanding performance in co-curricular activities. It covers up to 50% of the school fees.


Mehra Family Award: This scholarship is based on the ICSE performance of a boy. It covers up to the full tuition fee of the awardee for the last two years in school.


Dr E.S. Krishnamoorthy Scholarship: This scholarship is awarded for encouraging scientific study, advancement and dissemination by a school boy. 



Admissions Latest News: 



Latest Entrance Examination Information Update for 2016 entry


The latest information and guidance for preparation for The Doon School Entrance Examination is now available to all prospective parents who have registered their sons for the examination. It will be sent to you very shortly. For further information about the entrance examination and merit based scholarships, together with bursaries (financial aid) please do not hesitate to contact Mr Madan Kothari, Head of Admissions by telephone +91 (0) 135 252 6406 and (please leave a message on the answer machine if required) or email him at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .


The Director of Admissions, Marketing and Communications is Elizabeth McLaughlin who can be contacted by email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or by the main school telephone number +91 (0) 135 2526400.





Due to demand: A third southern examination centre will be available for 2015


The Doon School is very pleased to announce that due to popular demand, the school is now offering a third southern based entrance examination centre. Bangalore will now join Chennai and Secunderabad as the three centre's for boys to sit the examination.


The other examination centre's are The Doon School, Jaipur, Kolkata, Lucknow and Mumbai. Boys whose parents who are located out of India are able to choose their centre or sit the examination in their current country. For more details, please contact Mr Madan Kothari by email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or by telephone: +91 (0) 135 252 6406.  



Latest News for the Headmaster's visit to Hyderabad - 3rd April 2015


Thank you to all prospective parents who have shown such interest in this event. Please note that admission to the event is by invitation only and you are politely requested to contact Mr Madan Kothari  as soon as possible at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or by telephone:+91 (0)135 2526406. Please note that The Doon School is an all boys' boarding school and admission is for boys in Class 7 and 8 ONLY.  



Praise in the Press: Headmaster in Hyderabad with prospective parents





The Headmaster continues to head South


The Headmaster will be welcoming prospective parents to a presentation about The Doon School on Friday 3rd April 2015 in Hyderabad.


The Headmaster will be welcoming prospective parents to a presentation about The Doon School on Friday 15th May 2015 in Kerala.


For further details of both of these events please do not hesitate to contact Mr Madan Kothari by email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or telephone him:+91 (0) 135 2526406




Entrance Examination 2015

The date is still to be finalized but will be a Sunday in November. Prospective parents will be notified as soon as the date is ready. For further details about the examination please do not hesitate to contact Mr Kothari.  



Latest 'Dosco' school newsletter and Spring/Summer term 2015 Arts Calendar published

The school latest newsletter The Dosco is now published as is the school's termly Arts Calendar 2015.







Latest Summer@Doon Leadership Programme 2015 Information now available

The 'save the date flyer' and the full brochure for this year's Summer@ Doon Leadership progamme are now available. For further details please see the Summer@Doon 2015 website.





The BBC World Service: India's Eton in conversation with Old Boy and journalist George Verghese


Please click here for the broadcast.




Praise in the Press for Winter at Doon with King's College London


The press likes what it sees of the programme of Winter at Doon with King’s College London.








Praise in the press: Doon featured in the Economic Times, 2nd November 2014

Please click here to view the article 'How India's renowned Doon School is embracing change to retain its exclusivity'.




In conversation with the Headmaster of The Doon School


 The Headmaster, Dr Peter McLaughlin will be delighted to meet prospective parents in the following cities:


Bangalore on Friday 5th September 2014


Chennai on Friday 21st November 2014


and Hyderabad and Kerala in 2015, with dates to be announced shortly.


The event will be titled 'In conversation with the Headmaster of The Doon School.' A presentation and reception afterwards will enable interested parents to hear more about the unique education that The Doon School can provide their sons.


For more details about the event, please do not hesitate to contact The Head of Admissions, Mr Madan Kothari by email at: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or tel: +91 0135 2526406.


Please note office hours are 9am-5pm Monday - Friday and Saturday morning 9am-1.30pm.


We look forward to hearing from you. 




MCC 2015: Cricket Training




Click here to download/view the MCC Flyer.


Click here to download/view the Places to Stay


Click Here to download/view the Letter to the Prospective Parents from the Headmaster, The Doon School


Click Here to view the MCC DVD of Cricket Training held at the Doon School last year (January, 2014)


Jaidev Singh Memorial Award and Scholarship 2014

This award is given to the highest marks in science at ICSE and the boy who has been given it in 2014 is Anvay Grover from Oberoi House. Anvay achieved 100% in his science papers.





Mahindra Search for Talent Scholarship Awards


Congratulations to the following boys who have been awarded this scholarship for securing the highest aggregate of marks in the school examinations in November 2013 and also for the boys who sat the ICSE examinations:


1.       Jashan Kalra C form and from Tata House

2.       Rudra Srivastava B form from Kashmir House

3.       Ishaan Kapoor B form from Oberoi House

4.       Anvay Grover A form from Oberoi House

5.       Suyash Raj Shivam S form from Jaipur House

6.       Vinayak Chaudhary  S form from Oberoi House 


Revised Entrance Examinations Papers and Information as at May 2014
Prospective parents are encouraged to prepare their sons fully for them to successful gain a place at The Doon School.
The Head of Admissions has all the details of the current papers and other relevant details. Please contact Mr Madan Kothari by email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  or telephone him : +91 135 2526406.



Latest Entrance Examination news for 2014 candidates

The latest information about the entrance examination papers and curriculum requirements for 2014 candidates are now available from Mr Kothari, the Head of Admissions. He can be contacted by telephone:+91 135 2526406 or by email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


All registered candidates for the 2014 examination will automatically receive these details from the school. 


Scholarship Information Update for Prospective Parents

In 2013-2014 The Doon School disbursed 3.34 crores of financial aid.


For further details of how to apply for scholarships and bursaries, please do not  hesitate to contact the Head of Admissions, Mr Madan Kothari by telephone +91 (0) 135 2526404 or email him at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .



Admissions 2014
Latest reading lists are now available and have been dispatched to all those and only those prospective parents who have registered their sons for the entrance examination this year and for 2015. For all latest updates on all aspects of the admissions process, please contact the Head of Admissions, Mr Madan Kothari. His contact details are by telephone +91 135 2526406 or email him at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .


Recent News: 



The Autumn term 2014 Arts Calendar is now published

The Arts Calendar for Autumn 2014 is now published.





Publication of Mrs. Grew's book Teenagers Translated: How to raise happy teens


Mrs Grew has co-authored the book Teenager's Translated and its now available on Amazon. The work is published by It is published by Random House (Vermilion). Mrs Grew is one of the school's part time staff coming to school four times a year to work with boys, staff and parents as well as to assist the the development of the SEAL programme in the Life Skills curriculum.  





New School Prospectus arrives
The school is pleased to announce that is has a new school prospectus. It takes the form of three booklets in a presentation box.
The key booklet explains the school's key ethos and purpose. The other two are the Admissions Booklet 2014 and the Scholarship and Bursaries Booklet 2014 which provide the critical details, facts and figures and will get updated annually.
For more information please contact the Head of Admissions, Mr Madan Kothari by email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
or telephone him+91 135 2526406.


We don't want to be known as the Eton of India. Schools in the West should say 'We are like Doon.'

The Headmaster, Dr Peter McLaughlin is featured in Fortune Magazine April 2014 which this month, is focusing upon leadership.


The Headmaster talks about the school's founder S.R. Das who wanted a school for Indian boys of all states and communities but rooted in best educational practice. Dr McLaughlin also talks about leadership and the development of risk taking and innovation at The Doon School.


The Doon School now has 40% of its boys in receipt of financial support of one type or another. Today, The Doon School is focused upon attracting India's best and brightest boys who will excel in all areas of school life, such as the arts, sport and social service. Today, boys come from every state in India and from Indian families located outside of India. The school is proud of its leadership heritage,its excellent examination results at ISCE, ISC and IB and its first class university and college offers in India and internationally. But perhaps most of all, one of the school's greatest aims is for the boys to be safe and supported by a strong ethos of pastoral care.


Please click here to read the article in the Fortune Magazine.



Entrance Examination 2014

The date for The Doon School Entrance Examination is Sunday 2nd November 2014.


For further details of how to register and details of scholarships and financial aid please contact the Head of Admissions, Madan Kothari, Email:  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  or Phone: +91 135 2526406




The Doon School and King's College London partner

Please click here to view the Newsletter.




Pre-Season Cricket Training Video

Please click here to view the Pre-Season Cricket Training Video.




Dosco's dazzle at University of Waterloo International Mathematics Competition 2014


The University of Waterloo one of Canada’s leading universities showcases mathematical talent through the Pascal & Cayley Mathematical Competition 2014. 

Almost 60,000 pupils from over 1400 schools internationally participated in the Pascal, Cayley and Fermat Mathematics Competition 2014 organized by the Centre for Education in Mathematics and Computing, University of Waterloo, Canada.  


The following boys have been ranked in the top 25% of the Cayley Competition and have been awarded certificates to the following boys in B form:


1.      Vatsal Bora from Hyderabad House


2.      Mudit Bajaj from Hyderabad House


3.      Mohammad Omar Chishti from Kashmir House


4.      Mihir Gupta from Kashmir House


5.      Jaideep Singh Gill from Jaipur House


6.      Shiven Kumar from Oberoi House


7.      Ishan Garg from Oberoi House


8.      Divij Mullick from Tata House




The following boys from A form have been awarded certificates of distinction for being ranked in the top 25% of all contestants in the Cayley Competition: 


1.      Tanmay Nautiyal from Oberoi House


2.      Madhav Nath Gurtoo from Oberoi House


3.      Rahul Garg from Oberoi House  


4.      Prabhsharan Singh Mamik from Hyderabad House


5.      Tejit Vinod Pabari from Hyderabad House


6.      Kanav Agarwal from Tata House


7.      Dhruv Kharabanda from Jaipur House




Special medals were awarded for school champions to Vatsal Bora from Hyderabad House for securing maximum marks in the Pascal Competition and to Tanmay Nautiyal and Madhav Nath Gurtoo both from Oberoi House for jointly securing maximum marks in the Cayley Competition.  


Arts Calendar Launched 2014




The school is delighted to announce the launch of its termly 'arts@doon' a calendar which outlines the wide variety of events that the Art and Media School, The Music School and the Drama Department show each term.



Launch of The Dosco Newsletter 2014



The school is delighted to announce the launch of this newsletter which is aimed at prospective parents first and foremost. The termly publication highlights key events and some of the many interesting aspects of life as a ‘Dosco’. 



Dosco is National Shooting Champion


Samarjit Singh’s shooting success continues unabated. Samarjit from Kashmir House won 14 medals, 3 Golds medals, 3 Silver medals and 4 Bronze medals.


He was judged National Champion in three events:

U21 .22 Sports Pistol

U21 .32 Centre Fire Pistol

U18 10 metre Air Pistol


Samarjit was judged the best junior shooter at the Nationals.



Launch of THREE more publications from The Careers Information, Education and Guidance Department

 The department is delighted to announce the publication of three detailed brochures featuring information and advice for boys, parents and staff concerning MOOCS, Summer Schools and Scholarships.







Summer at Doon


Please click here for the details:







Doon wins Creative School Award in National Creativity Olympiad 2013.


The school won the Creative School Award in National Creativity Olympiad 2013. This competition was based on the basis of maximum number of students in the top 10 percentile from all the schools in India.  Students from 200 schools from all over India participated in the National Creativity Olympiad 2013. 


Aayush Chowdhry from Foot House secured 7th position in Class 7 and Aditya Oberai from Tata House secured 9th position rank in Class 8 in the competition. 



MCC Lord's Club launch at The Doon School, India



Anglo Indian Group – exclusive license holder of the MCC and Lord’s brands in India - is pleased to announce the launch of the MCC Lord’s Club, India with a pre-season cricket training course at The Doon School, Dehradun, Uttarakhand. 

The pre-season training course  will be attended by approximately 80 boys from The Doon School, as well as local children who have been invited by the school as part of their continuing community outreach programme that supports several schools in the region as part of The Doon School’s social service and social responsibility curriculum.    

The five day intensive course, to be attended by 12-17 year olds, will cover all aspects of the game with the MCC’s ‘Spirit of Cricket’ motto “play hard, play fair” at the core.  The coaches, who have been flown from England, are all playing members of the MCC. They bring a wealth of experience as active MCC playing members or as members of the MCC Young Cricketers.  

Simon Reid, Founder & Chairman of Anglo Indian Group, said ‘It is a great privilege to be launching the MCC Lord’s Club, India at The Doon School and we hope that this is the start of a long-term partnership with The Doon School to bring the cricket skills, ethos and values of MCC and Lord’s to its pupils and to those boys from the wider community’.  
The Doon School’s Headmaster, Dr Peter McLaughlin said ‘I am delighted to be welcoming the MCC Lord’s Club, India to spearhead the school’s pre-season training. In every sphere of school life, we always seek to provide our boys with the best possible teaching. The MCC’s level of expertise and professional approach to the teaching of cricket has been the key reason that Doon has forged this relationship. I am confident that the MCC Lord’s Club, India will provide our boys and those underprivileged boys from the schools that we support, the best opportunity to be taught by such enthusiastic and well qualified coaches who love and play the game. All of the boys are extremely fortunate to have this opportunity to develop and improve their own personal cricket skills and performance’.   

Anglo Indian’s technology partners, Pitch Vision, will be providing technical coaching analysis and support during the course, and already have their technology installed at the MCC Academy at Lord’s. A senior member from Pitch Vision is flying in from South Africa and by good fortune Pitch Vision is manufactured in Dehradun. As we say in India, destiny indeed! The boys will also get a chance to see how the equipment is manufactured and have the chance to play on the revolutionary batting simulator.   



More Doscos shoot at national level




Following Abinhav Bhindra who shot at the Olympics and current pupil Samarjit Singh who is playing for India now, three more boys have been inspired to follow in their foot prints. In the  All India G.V. Mavalankar Shooting Competition 2013 the reuslts were as follows:


Kismat Chopra (Hyderabad House)


  • Silver medal in the Delhi State Shotgun trap
  • 4th position in the Pre-Nationals
  • Qualified for the National Shooting Championship in Delhi



Naadir Singh  (Tata House)


  • Qualified for the National Shooting Championship
  • Representing Punjab for the Shotgun Skeet



Arjun Singh Mann  (Jaipur House)


  • 5th position in the Shotgun Skeet
  • Qualified for the Nationals – representing Delhi State      





Junior tennis team wins IPSC Gold medal in IPSC Tennis Championship in the U14 category


For the first time in recent school history the U14 tennis team won this event and the school congratulates the boys:


Viksit Verma from Martyn House Aayush Chaudhary,in Foot House Harshit Bansal from Tata House and Ishaan Vaish from Kashmir House.


In the individual category Viksit Verma won a Bronze medal.


In the Under 19 category, the school team won a Silver medal. The team comprised of Siddharth Bhardwaj, Arush Sood, Devang Mehra and Shivan Tandon.


The school team were joint winners of the IPSC tournament with DPS R K Puram, New Delhi.  








First Yoga Conference


 The Doon School is delighted to launch its first Yoga Conference in early December.

Yoga is part of the school curriculum and always has been. The Conference is aimed at yoga teachers and those interested in learning more about the art and science that forms the basis of what yoga is all about. Speakers include some of the country’s leading yoga experts as well as scientists and medical practitioners. For more details please view the conference brochure.


 Her Royal Highness The Duchess of Cornwall visits The Doon School boys programmes of women's empowerment and community outreach

The boys and staff of The Doon School and underprivileged children from schools it supports welcomed HRH, The Duchess of Cornwall, to their campus in Dehradun on Thursday 7th November.

HRH The Duchess of Cornwall visited the school, which in 1930s India pioneered the concept of schoolchildren taking on social service as the core of their education in India, and met women and children benefitting from projects initiated and aided by Doon School boys and teachers. Amongst their numerous local and regional programmes, The Duchess was particularly interested in the boys’ support for women’s empowerment through microfinance and vocational training of girls in villages, as well girls’ education in the numerous slum and village schools directly supported by The Doon School. The school’s aim is to produce ethical citizens and principled leaders to fulfill its mission of creating a genuinely meritocratic India in the twenty-first century. As part of her visit, HRH The Duchess of Cornwall  also saw underprivileged children who regularly work with boys in the school’s art studios, interact with the children and staff of ‘Waste Warriors’, an NGO committed to ending waste and visual pollution in Dehradun and other districts, and see a photographic record of the relief and community support work that over two hundred boys from The Doon School recently began in the hill villages of Uttarakhand devastated by the floods of June 2013. The Doon School has committed itself to a long-term relief and reconstruction effort to rebuild villages, schools and livelihoods in the region.  The Headmaster, Dr. Peter McLaughlin, said: “We have been told that The Duchess of Cornwall is especially interested in girls’ education and women’s empowerment across the globe, so we were so pleased that she had an opportunity to see our work in that domain. We think that it is vital for our boys, many of whom go on to leadership roles in India and across the world, to take responsibility for the plight of women in India through these service programmes and our collaboration with NGOs working in a number of fields.”


School mini-prospectus has arrived
The school is delighted to announce the arrival of the publication of its mini prospectus which was published at the end of August 2013. The school’s full prospectus which is a new publication is currently nearing the end of its production and will be dispatched to prospective parents.



For all admissions enquiries including full details of how to arrange a visit to the school, meet the Headmaster, together with the full admissions and scholarship application process please contact the Head of Admissions, Mr Madan Kothari on email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it



Mr Kothari can also be contacted directly on : +91 135 2526406.


Please note that office hours in term time are:


Monday – Friday: 9am-5pm

Saturday: 9am – 1pm

School Holidays: The admissions office is open Monday-Friday.




Reading List for Boys

The current reading list for boys preparing for the 12+ and 13+ examination entry will be available to those parents who have registered their sons. Please contact Mr Kothari, Head of Admissions at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it for further details.




F.C. Barcelona at Doon - July 2013

A skills based course was the focus for boys of all ages and invited schools from Dehra dun and the region.

Why not take a look at what happened?


Please click the following link:


Barcelona Soccer Camp 


Record IB results at Doon in 2013, with huge leap per point score



The school is delighted to announce that its average point score of well over 36 points per pupil average is almost a two point leap on last year’s. The school’s IB scores have seen steady improvement in the five years it has been implemented. Headmaster Dr Peter McLaughlin said ‘I am very delighted with these results as there are few schools, especially boys’ boarding schools that have been able to show this average point score leap. With some re marks due, there is a very high possibility of the score being 37 points. The school achieved 100% pass at the diploma level. Many schools in India choose to submit candidates for the certificate course instead. Almost 65% of the boys achieved a 35 points average or better. The world average based upon the current 2012 data is 29.5-29.8 points and South East Asia achieving just over 30 points per student.’ Dr McLaughlin also spoke of the superb university offers that the boys have received in the UK, US, Canada and Hong Kong. ‘The Russell Group dominates the UK offers with the Ivy Leagues and top class Liberal Arts and Sciences strongly prevalent in the US. Huge congratulations to all the boys involved and to the staff and to the parents who have supported their sons and the school’s efforts to enable the boys to maximize their academic potential.’ 



45 IB points at Doon  



The school is delighted to announce that Ujjwal Dahuja, from Hyderabad House on his perfect point score. In 2012, only 964 IB students world-wide achieved the perfect score. 


Ujjwal has received multiple scholarship offers and university offers including Imperial College London, Cornell and Princeton in the US.


He will be shortly taking up his place to major in Mathematics at Princeton on a huge scholarship and the school cannot be more pleased for him.







The Doon School matches its IB HMC UK counterparts 





The school is delighted to announce that it has according to 2012 data produced the same average point score as its HMC counterparts. The current point score average for the UK HMC group of schools is 36.4.


The Doon School is in overseas membership of HMC and only one of 4 schools in India to be in membership. The UK private sector average point score is 35.1 and the maintained sector in the UK averages 31.6 points per pupil.


Globally the private sector in the UK is the highest performing group of IB schools. The Doon School is now firmly in that group. In 2013, it has matched large co-educational boarding schools in the UK, such as the prestigious Oakham School HMC and Malvern College HMC who have been offering the IB for much longer than The Doon School. They also have girls whose successful presence is felt in terms of number and quality of results. In the UK, there is no single sex boys’ full boarding school offeriing the IB.  



The Doon School is the best value for money IB boarding school globally

The school is delighted to announce that it is the best value for money full boarding school offering the IB and with results, together with university and college offers that compare with its UK HMC full boarding counterparts. Fees are between four and five times more than The Doon School. 




100% success at IIT




The school is celebrating 100% success for boys applying to IIT from Class 12.


Many congratulations to Parth Gupta and Dhairik Fuletra from Tata House have both been offered IIT places this year.


Parth was the joint top scorer in the school at ISC in 2013 with Dhairik gaining the number three slot.


Both boys have also been offered places at the University of Hong Kong and also at BITS Pilani.



Record Board results in 2013



Congratulations to Parth Gupta from Tata House and Vidit Sadana from Oberoi House who are joint toppers this year in the ISC examination. They scored 97.25%.Parth Gupta has a 120% scholarship to study at The University of Hong Kong, where he wishes to study science and Vidit Sadana, who will be applying to Delhi University. A full university destination list for India will be available at the end of July once all the boys have been made their offers.


The school is delighted to announce that its school average (without EVE) has gone up again this year to 87.48%. Nearly 60% of the boys achieved 90%+ at ISC in 2013.


At ICSE, 94% of the boys achieved 80% and above. Congratulations go to the ISCE boys who achieved an 88.59% average this year. The two joint toppers this year were Abhinav Kejriwal and Ayush Tripathi both from Jaipur House and both with 95.8%.


At ICSE, 94% of the year achieved 80% or more.


Again Mathematics dominate the 100% results at ICSE.


The Doon School does not admit any boys after Class 8. The school therefore, does not follow the same policy as many of its boarding and day counterparts nationally and internationally. Many of them operate a highly selective entry policy for new applicants to the school in the last two years.  


At ICSE, boys choose a broad range of academically demanding subjects and these include three separate sciences. This is so that boys keep their university and career options open. 



The Doon School is not connected in any way with any other school that has Doon in its name.

The Doon School does not have any other branches.


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