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What is the difference between a scholarship and a bursary?

A scholarship is a merit-based award that carries with it widely varying financial awards. Its purpose is to indicate and reward a boy’s outstanding ability in a particular area of school life, and it will serve as a clear marker to applications to universities that the candidate has shown such ability for a considerable period of time. Please see the Scholarship and Bursary Booklet for further details.

A bursary is a means tested award of financial aid. It can be for up to 100% of the fees. The school offers a variety of these to parents of families needing assistance for their sons to study at Doon, including the armed forces and civil services. These awards are inclusive: all income groups who are able to demonstrate financial need are eligible to apply.

There is a clear and transparent process for applications for financial aid. For information on this, the Finance Department and the Accounts Office can be reached at t:+91 135 2526 417 f: +91 135 2755398

Please note that the department operates normal office hours.

If a boy applies for but is not awarded a scholarship or merit-based award but needs financial support, how should he seek aid?

The family would then apply to the school for financial support through a means tested award. In this way the integrity of the merit-based award is not compromised and the school is able to provide financial aid from its endowment to those families who genuinely require such support.

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