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To attract and develop exceptional boys and teachers from all backgrounds to serve a meritocratic India; inspire them to be just and ethical citizens; train them to be wise and principled leaders; and prepare them to enter one of the strongest fraternities – for life.


The Doon School was established in 1935. It was founded by S.R. Das, a lawyer from Calcutta, who later served as the Advocate General of Bengal and a member of the Viceroy’s Executive Council of Lord Irwin. S.R. Das was educated at Manchester Grammar School, a highly academic and prestigious all boys’ school in England. With a vision for an Indian school patterned on British private boarding schools, he set out to create and establish The Doon School, for Indian boys in India. He wanted to ensure that boys in India received the same educational opportunities he had experienced in Manchester but without having to leave their home country. S.R. Das aspired to set up a school which was open to all, unlike the existing boarding schools that admitted only British pupils and were Christian in ethos, or served India’s wealthy elite. The Doon School was envisioned as a school that would attract boys from all sections of Indian society, and from every state in India, and to be entirely secular. The Doon School was to specialise in the education of boys who would go on to serve a free and democratic India.


The current scholarship programme offered by The Doon School is based upon the candidate’s performance at the entrance examination and subsequent interview. Prospective parents are most welcome to contact the school and request that they wish their son to be considered for such an award subject to his performance at the entrance examination. If prospective parents would like to also indicate their wish to be considered for financial aid (a means tested award) they are most welcome to do so before their son’s entrance examination by informing the Head of Admissions, Mr Madan Kothari.

However, the school only processes applications for bursaries and scholarships once the candidate has been successful in the entrance examination and interview.

Q. What is the process of making an application for financial aid and demonstrating a parent’s need?

A. The Doon School has a scholarship committee which meets to decide on how financial aid awards are allocated. The Headmaster sits on this committee.

Prospective parents, (whose sons have successfully passed the entrance examination and interview and are offered a place) are required to complete a form which is available from the Head of Admissions. The form requires parents to submit a detailed report of their financial affairs, including joint family income, in order for the school to ascertain whether they are justified in providing financial support to the parents. The form is comprehensive and has been designed to ensure that the school is able to allocate its resources wisely and effectively, so that they reach the most needy parents and does not provide financial support in the form of discounts to parents who do not need it. Financial Aid (means tested awards), ranges from limited financial support to awards worth 100%+ to support parents who would not be able to afford to send their son to The Doon School. The system also applies to scholars whose parents require further financial support in order to enable their son to attend The Doon School.

Q. Who do I need to contact at The Doon School to acquire the necessary application forms?

A. Please email Mr Madan Kothari, The Head of Admissions

[email protected]


+91 9719638840



Existing scholarships on offer are

K.C. Mahindra Education Trust: This scholarship is awarded to the boys who are ‘toppers’ in their academics in each form.

Nikhil Gupta Charitable Trust: This scholarship is awarded to the boy who has scored the highest marks in English, Mathematics and Science, both in ISC and ICSE.

Rai Amitabh Chandra Tennis Award: This consists of two scholarships to be awarded to:

  • The winner of the Sardar Mohammad Senior Tennis Championship.
  • The winner of the Dr S.R. Vohra Junior Championship.

Superama Charitable Trust: This is awarded to a boy who has given excellent performances in Drama.

Anubha Bishnoi Foundation Scholarship: This is a combined merit and financial aid scholarship which is awarded to a boy who has an outstanding performance in co-curricular activities. It covers up to 50% of the school fees.

Mehra Family Award: This scholarship is based on the ICSE performance of a boy. It covers up to the full tuition fee of the awardee for the last two years in school.

Dr E.S. Krishnamoorthy Scholarship: This scholarship is awarded for encouraging scientific study, advancement and dissemination by a school boy.

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For all admissions enquiries,

Please contact [email protected] or

Telephone – +91-135-2526406 or

Mobile: +91 9719638840

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