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Doon presents their Brain Computer Interface project at tenth International Science Conference

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Posted on : November 4, 2014

The tenth International Science Conference was held at Tianjin Nankai High School China from October 13th -October 17th 2014. It is an international science exchange activity for high school students, which was initiated by Hwa Chong Institution in Singapore, St Paul’s co- educational College, Hong Kong China, Stella Matituna Girls High School, Taiwan China, The Hutchins School, Australia and Tianjin Nankai High School in 2005. The schools take turns to host the conference annually. In 2011,the Marco Foscarini School in Italy became a member school and hosted the 7th International Student Science Conference. The conference aims at providing high school students with an opportunity to exchange scientific research experiences and develop friendship.

The theme of this year’s conference was ‘Science-Creativity-Life’.
The following schools attended the conference included fellow HMC and all boys school Tonbridge School, UK and exchange partner Hutchens School, Australia who hosted the conference last year.

  • 548 Educational Centre of Moscow, Russia
  • Colegio Carol Baur, Mexico
  • Hwa Chong Institution, Singapore
  • Laporte High School, USA
  • Marco Foscarini, Italy
  • PLC College, Sydney, Australia
  • Shizuka Gakeun High School, Japan
  • Stella Matutina Girls High School , Taiwan
  • St Paula Co educational College, Hong KONG
  • Taipei Fuhsing Private School, China
  • The Doon School, India
  • The Hutchins School, Tasmania, Australia
  • Tianjin Nankai High School, China
  • Tonbridge School, UK
  • Wasagymnasium, Austria.

The following topics were presented:

  • Are the currents and tides linked in the D’Entrecasteaux Channel, Tasmania?
  • Removal of heavy metal ions from water
  • Producing an Organic Solar Cell using chlorophyll
  • The exploration of the influence factor of Particulate 2.5 in the Tianjin High School campus
  • Applications of Infrared scanning
  • Dye Sensitized Solar Cell
  • The ghost heart “Stem Cell and Heart Regeneration”
  • 7 Worlds
  • Relationship between TC (Tropical Cyclone) and ENSO (El Nino Southern Oscillation)
  • Smart Cities- A case study of our new school building Marco Foscarini, Italy
  • How cooking oil fumes influence fruit fly’s reproductive capacity & life span an protections offered by different anti oxygen
  • A study of the Fall of a Bullet
  • Investigating the effect of halophilic bacteria on the growth of salt stressed Barley
  • (Hordeum vulgare L.)
  • Brain Computer Interfacing
  • Does the concentration of Xenical affect the inhibition of Lipase?
  • The Smart Tree Project
  • New information and green technologies at ‘Tsaritsyno’ and prospects of their implementation in the life of school and societies of 548 Educational Centre Moscow, Russia
  • Is grey the new green?
  • Crazy Coin- Lenz’s law demonstrator
  • Wi-Fi Killer
  • New technologies in paint
  • Homemade Ecological Tiles.

A group of six boys Rohan Hundra, Tejejit Pabari, Ragahav Kumar, Utkarsh Agarwal, Jagajit Singh and Prabh Sharan Singh Mamik attended the conference. A full programme saw the boys present the Brain Computer Interface.
The boys presented the Brain Computer Interface project which was widely appreciated by one and all. The congregation found it difficult to believe that 14 year olds could excel at making the mind boggling project on artificial telekinesis. They set up a direct communication pathway between the brain and the external device. The project when modified suitably can have indefinite applications from smart home controls, prosthetics controls, robot controls and even creating dream celebrities who could record their vivid dreams and convert them to movies and earn their livelihood by selling them. Our boys were asked probing and inquisitive queries which were answered confidently and comprehensively. The next conference will be held in Taiwan in 2015.

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