House Life

The History of the Houses

Originally, the boarding houses were named after the first Housemasters who were appointed.

In November 1937, the School took a decision to rename the Houses.

The names chosen were from among the first of the donors to the IPSS for the opening of the The Doon School, namely the Maharaja of Jaipur, the Maharaja of Jammu & Kashmir, the Nizam of Hyderabad and Sir Dorabji ans Sir Rattanji Tata Trust.

In 1935, The Doon School started with just two Houses – Martyn and Barrit. All the new boys reported in the building now known as Hyderabad House. Hyderabad House called Martyn House then thus become the first House at The Doon School.

Barrit House was the other House which started in 1935. The boys were based in the rooms now part of Kashmir House. In 1936, the present Tata House building was almost ready and Mr. Barrit moved out with his boys to the new location.

Jaipur House started as Thomas House in 1936, in the building now known as Kashmir House. It is the third House in the chronological order of The Doon School. The Jaipur House building was built in 1937 and a group of forty nine boys moved in with Mr. Thomas as the Housemaster.