The Wellness Centre

The Wellness Centre provides the health care for all boys. Hospitals are where people go when they are sick; the Wellness Centre focuses on preventive medicine and ensuring that boys are and become well. Every day spent sick in bed is a day lost in class, on the sports field or in myriad other activities the boys enjoy and thrive on. The Wellness Centre consists of a 24-bed facility, a dental unit and a physiotherapy centre. There are a dozen cheerful, friendly and dedicated staff members, including a full-time resident Doctor, a trained staff nurse and two qualified nursing assistants who are always available and happy to assist. Three dentists (on rotation) and a physiotherapist visit the centre daily. Facilities for nursing of common, routine ailments, emergencies and accidents are available around the clock. The school ambulance transports boys during emergencies and is also used for the conveyance of boys to specialists. We have the most qualified and experienced specialists in Dehradun on our panel of doctors who attend to the boys on “priority” and with minimal delay. The school also has a link with Max Super Specialty Hospital for treating boys on priority. The school doctor has excellent liaison with all these specialist doctors and dentists, as well as the administrators of the hospitals. At the time of joining, all parents execute an indemnity bond authorizing the school doctor and the panel of specialists to look after their son in all matters relating to health. However, parents are consulted and their wishes taken into account in all but the most urgent of medical emergencies.