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Oberoi House

 "All for One and One for All", this is our motto

Housemaster: Mr. Manu Mehrotra, MMR, MSc

Assistant Housemaster: Mr. Nitin Chauhan, NTC, M.P. Ed.

Dame: Mrs Anuroop Jouhal, (ARJ) BA


House Captain and Prefect Nominations 2015

House Captain: Vedant Agrawal

Prefects: Nachiket Jain, Arunabh Uttkarsh, Shourya Kishorepuria















Appointments 2015


Congratulations to Vedant Agrawal who has been appointed House Captain and to the team of prefects Nachiket Jain, Arunabh Uttkarsh, and  Shourya Kishorepuria. 


Boy-in-Charge for Cycling (STA): Vedant Agrawal

Boy-in-Charge for Trophy Squad:  Arunabh Uttkarsh

Boy-in-Charge for Archives: Anvay Grover

Editor-in-Chief for Yuv Arpan: Parth Khanna 

Editor-in-Chief for Srijan Prayas: Vallavi Shukla 

Boy-in-Charge for Computer Science STA: Sabharsh Singh Sidhu



Boxing Success


Ruhan Dev Tyagi from Oberoi House  won a Gold Medal in the recently concluded Sub-Junior District Boxing Championship in the 60-63 Kg weight category, held in November 2014.




Trophy for the Best PT Leader 2014


Rishav Raj Das from Oberoi House won the award this year.





Individual Squash Championship Trophy 2014


The winner in school this year is Sudhansh Agarwal from Oberoi House.




Doon gets to final of the Indian School Basketball League Challenger Cup 11th October - 23rd November 2014

The U18 team played in this new tournament with twenty-two schools in the boys’ category and reached the finals losing to the Hilton School. Karan Sethy was awarded the ‘rising star of the tournament’.





Design & Technology


C Form in 2014 


Best Utility Design: Deepak Dhiman from Tata House 

Best Innovative Design: Aradhaya Singhal from Hyderabad House 

Promising Designer:  Nishan Singh Brar  from Oberoi House 


D Form in 2014 


Best Utility Design:   Madhav  D Mahajan  from Foot House 

Best Innovative Design:   Payas Hasteer  from Foot House

Promising Designer:  Vijayaditya Singh Rathore  from  Foot House 


Tennis IPSC 5th-8th, November 2014




The school tennis teams have participated in the IPSC Tennis Tournament at DPS, RK Puram in each category U14, U17 and U19 on 5th to 8th November 2014.  The team won the bronze medal in each category.  The team consisted of:



1- Arush Sood from Hyderabad House

2- Yuvraj Nathani  from Hyderabad House

3- Akhil Ranjan  from Kashmir House

4- Devang Mehra  from Hyderabad House



1- Harshit Bansal from Tata House

2- Rishank Mohan Kala  from Kashmir House

3- Leonardo Pamei  from Hyderabad House

4- Samarth Bhardwaj – from Oberoi House



1- Ayush Choudhary from Jaipur House

2- Vikshit Verma from Hyderbad House

3- Karthik Vellayan Subbiah from Martyn House

4- Nikunj Bansal from Martyn House




Doon gets to Yoga finals at IPSC - 7th November 2014


The school participated in the Yoga IPSC which was held in Pilani, Rajasthan on 7th to 8th November 2014. Doon participated in the U14 category in two groups where five boys were in athletic yoga and one boy was in the rhythmic yoga. The list of boys was as follows:


U14 Category (Athletic Group)


1. Shouryan Kapoor from Oberoi House 

2. Amulya Aggarwal from Oberoi House

3. Bhai Meer Singh from Kashmir House

4. Vijayaditya singh Rathore  from Jaipur House 

5. Yatharth Gupta from Oberoi House


U14 Category (Rhythmic Group)


1. Udbhav Tomar from Tata House


Shouryan Kapoor was selected among the best five in the U14 athletic group but lost in final round.




Doon competes at the Dehradun District Athletics Meet at RIMC 2014

The Doon School athletics team continued with their successful season at the 68th District Athletics Meeting and finished with thirteen gold, fourteen silver and seven bronze medals totaling thirty four. The school also won the Champion Trophy in the U20 category. Twenty five schools participated in all which included well known sporting schools such as the IMA and the RIMC. The results were as follows:  


Men's Category: 


1. Gold in 400 metres won by Varun Narain Sinha from Hyderabad House 

2. Gold in the Discus Throw won by Siddharth Sarin from Tata House 

3. Silver in Shot Put won by Siddharth Sarin from Tata House 

4. Silver in 200 metres won by Rishavraj Das from Hyderabad House 

5. Silver in 4 x 100 metres relay by team which comprised of the following boys:

a. Rishavraj Das from Hyderabad House

b. Siddharth Sarin  from Tata House 

c. Varun Narain Sinha from Hyderabad House

d. Raj Kumar Vijay from Hyderabad House

e. Bronze in 400 metres won by Rishavraj Das from Hyderabad House 


U20 Category: 


7. Gold in 400 metres won by Varun Narain Sinha from Hyderabad House 

8. Gold in Shot Put won by Siddharth Sarin from Hyderabad House 

9. Gold in 100 metres won by Raj Kumar Vijay from Hyderabad House 

10. Gold in Discus Throw won by Siddharth Sarin from Hyderabad House

11. Gold in High Jump won by Aidan Lane (Exchange Student) from Australia 

12. Gold in 4 x 100 metres relay by team comprising:  

a. Rishavraj Das  

b. Siddharth Sarin  

c. Varun Narain Sinha  

d. Raj Kumar Vijay 

13. Silver in 200 metres by Raj Kumar Vijay. 

14. Bronze in 200 metres by Varun Narain Sinha. 

15. Bronze in 100 metres by Rishavraj Das. 

16. Bronze in Shot Put by Aidan Lane (Exchange Student) from Australia


U18 Category: 


17. Gold in 800 metres won by Nikhil Saraf from Tata House 

18. Gold in Long Jump won by Kartikeya Kardam from Tata House 

19. Silver in High Jump won by Yash Mishra from Hyderabad House 

20. Silver in 4 x 100 metres relay by team comprised of: 

a. Karikeya Kardam from Tata House

b. Nikhil Saraf  from Tata House

c. Kartikay Garg  from Tata House

d. Angad Singh Shergill from Tata House

21. Bronze in 100 metres by Kartikeya Kardam from Tata House 

22. Bronze in Javelin Throw by Kartikay Garg from Tata House 


U16 Category: 


23. Silver in Discus Throw by Yugvansh Chawla from Oberoi House 

24. Silver in Shot Put by Yashvansh Chawla from Oberoi House 


U14 Girls’ Category: 


25. Bronze in 100 metres by Ananya Shukla from Foot House 


Siddharth Sarin and Raj Kumar Vijay, both from Hyderabad House competed for the title of the best athlete in the U-20 category. However the award for the best athlete in the U 20 category was given to Raj Kumar Vijay by using the AFI rule to break the tie! 




House Positions in the 79th Inter-House Athletics 2014


1st: Tata with eighty points 



1st: Tata with one hundred and two points 



1st: Hyderabad House with one hundred and forty points 


House Cup Positions 

Position House Total points 

1st: Tata with 293 points 

The best athlete in the Junior Category was given to Viksit Verma from Hyderabad House  

Mumtaz Ahmed was awarded the best athlete in the Mediums Category and the Trophy for the best athlete in the Senior Section was given to Rishavraj Das from Oberoi House. 


Inter-School Quiz Competition - Cambrian Hall

The Doon School competed in the Inter-School Quiz Competition held at Cambrian Hall School on Saturday, 8th November.  


The participants were as follows: 

1. Saksham Bhalothia from Oberoi House 

2. Shlok Jain from Hyderabad House 

3. Aditya Bhardwaj from Jaipur House 


In a field of 19 teams, the school qualified for the final round and emerged as Runners Up overall, winning a cash prize of Rs. 11000.   




Music Colours awarded October 2014

Congratulations go to the following boys who have been awarded their Music Colours:


Paramdeep Singh from Tata House

Mrigank Khemka from Tata House

Vrindam Nagpal from Oberoi House

Aditya Gupta from Oberoi House

Yuvraj Nathani from Hyderabad House




Latest Games Blazer Awards


Congratulations to the following boys who have been awarded their Games Blazer in October 2014:


Arush Sood from Hyderabad House


Anant Singh Mann from Jaipur House


Akhil Ranjan from Kashmir House


Rishav Raj Das from Oberoi House


Siddarth Sarin  from Tata House 



Doon plays in IPSC Badminton Tournament 2014 and get selected for the SGFI training camp


The tournament was conducted in BRCM Public School Bahal (Haryana) from 2nd to 4th  August 2014. The performance of the team was as follows: 


In the U19 category, the school was represented by Saket Goliyan from Jaipur House, Akarash Tibrewal from Hyderabad House, Arush Sood from Hyderabad House, Ayushman Arora  from Kashmir House and Savar Khanna  from Kashmir House.  The team got third place and won bronze medal in the team event. Saket Golyan, from Jaipur House won an individual bronze medal.  


In the U17 category, the school was represented by Vansh Agarwal from Oberoi House, Ashish Pandey from Kashmir House, Jehan Jhaveri from Jaipur House, Atreya Guruprasad from Kashmir House and Aradhya Singhal from Hyderabad House. The team secured a third position in the team event.  


In the U14 category the school was represented by Kabir Kochar from Tata House, Lakshman Santhanam from Hyderabad House, Dhairya Rastogi from Tata House and Krish Aggarwal from Hyderabad House. The team secured silver medal in the team event while Laxman Santaram secured an individual bronze. Saket Golyan from Jaipur House and Lakshman Santhanam from Hyderabad House were selected for the SGFI (Schools Games Federation of India) training camp.  




Success for Dosco's at Hong Kong University's Engineering Summer Residential Programme for the Elite



The engineering summer residential programme was a 5-day event designed for high-calibre students from Hong Kong, Mainland China and all over the world who wished to explore the field of engineering and understand the various engineering disciplines in a fun and challenging yet supportive environment. Students met world-renowned HKU professors, and got to know other talented students from across the globe, and acquire knowledge on the latest engineering research and innovations. Through insightful lectures, seminars and interesting laboratory exercises and hands-on projects, students explored the world of engineering that would enrich their summer life academically. 


The school was invited to nominate 2 top-performing Grade 10/Grade 11 students to join  “Engineering Summer Camp for the Elite”. HKU offered 4 scholarships to students especially from India to join this camp. This scholarship covered airfare (up to HK $3,000), accommodation and programme fee which was HK$4,600 including accommodation. The Doon School provided half of the students from India for this exciting opportunity.


The school nominated Sidharth Pahuja from Oberoi House and Smrithi Nair from Kashmir House after which HKU arranged Skype interviews with the nominated candidates. Both the students were offered scholarships to attend the programme. Smrithi Nair was the youngest participant and was awarded the winner of the Project competition – Development and Evaluation of a Simulation Model of an Airport Terminal. 




Mahindra Search for Talent Scholarship Awards


Congratulations to the following boys who have been awarded this scholarship for securing the highest aggregate of marks in the school examinations in November 2013 and also for the boys who sat the ICSE examinations:


1.       Jashan Kalra C form and from Tata House

2.       Rudra Srivastava B form from Kashmir House

3.       Ishaan Kapoor B form from Oberoi House

4.       Anvay Grover A form from Oberoi House

5.       Suyash Raj Shivam S form from Jaipur House

6.       Vinayak Chaudhary  S form from Oberoi House



Jaidev Singh Memorial Award and Scholarship 2014

This award is given to the highest marks in science at ICSE and the boy who has been given it in 2014 is Anvay Grover from Oberoi House. Anvay achieved 100% in his science papers.


Toppers top the school records at ISC and ICSE 2014


Tata House dominated the top five ISC results. Four of the five boys represented different states. Maharashtra, Gujarat and Assam as well as Uttar Pradesh were in the top five.




Congratulations to the boys who won the top five places at ISC


1.    Raghav Kothiwal  from Tata House with 97.3%

2.    Ritesh Shinde from Jaipur House with 96% 

3.    Raniz Bordoloi from Jaipur House with 95.5%

4.    Chaitanya D Fathepuria from Tata House with 95.3%

5.    Shaurya Agarwal from Tata House with 94.8%





Congratulations to the boys who won the top five places at ICSE


1.    Anvay Grover from Oberoi House with 96.4%

2.    Sambhav Agarwal from Jaipur House with 96%

3.    Nikhil Saraf from Tata House with 95.8%

4.    Shlok Jain from Hyderabad House with 95.8%

5.    Siddhant Gupta from Hyderabad House with 95.2%

Two out of five places went to Hyderabad House



Doscos are North India Trinity Board Musical Best


Congratulations to the boys and the Music School for achieving the best results in North India (Trinity Board divide their results up in to regions) at the end of 2013 and have just released them in June 2014.



The following results were as follows:

Classical Guitar, Grade 2: Vineet Puri, A form, Jaipur House

Piano, Grade 4: Laksh Sharaf, S form, Kashmir House

Drum Kit, Grade 3: Mubaraq Jay Mehta, C form, Oberoi House.


High Distinctions (above 90%) have been obtained by:

Yuvraj Nathani , Piano: Grade 7.

Shourya Varun Kishorepuria: Piano, Grade 6

Krishna Lohiya, Piano: Grade 5

Rishabh Agarwal, Piano: Grade 4

Utkarsh Agarwal, Piano: Grade 2

Rahil Chamola, Piano: Grade 2

Shiven Kumar, Piano: Grade 1


It may be noted that Laksh Sharaf has scored 100% in his Grade 4 Piano examination, making him, of course, a 'world- topper'.


All boys who took the examinations in Piano, Violin, Guitar, Saxophone and Drum Kit passed.




Appointments for 2014

  • Vedant Agarwal: Boy-in-charge of Cycling
  • Aditya Gupta: Percussion Leader
  • Vrindam Nagpal: Secretary, Music Society
  • Madhav Goel: Boy-In-Charge, Trinity Music Examinations 
  • Rishav Raj Das:  School Cricket Captain
  • Aditya Gupta: School Percussion Leader  
  • Vrindam Nagpal: Secretary, Music Society  
  • Madhav Goel: Trinity Music Examination  
  • Karan Sethy: Motor-Mechanics  
  • Shreyansh Chheda: Interact Club (Director)  


Doscos play at U18 State Basketball Tournament 2014

Congratulations to Nachiket Jain from Oberoi House and Suhel Karara from Kashmir House who were in the state basketball team on 11th May 2014. They were playing for Dehradun against Haridwar to win the cup.


Scholar's Cup 2014

The Doon School fielded three teams for this year’s regional round held in Delhi at the end of AprIl 2014.


Twenty five schools participated in the competition and the school won thirty seven medals and two team trophies. All three teams qualified for the global round to be held in Singapore later this year.


Team 105 (won a trophy coming 2nd in collaborative writing) were:


Nitansh Nagdev from Jaipur House, Tanay Gopal Agarwal and Nehansh Saxena from Hyderabad House.


Team 104 (won a trophy for coming 2nd in the Scholar’s Bowl) were:


Riyan Aggarwal, Bharat Hari Chaudhuri and Rishank Kala  all from Kashmir House, Abhiraj Lamba from Oberoi House, Jaideep Gill from Jaipur House  and Aditya Agarwal from Hyderabad House. 




1st Dosco to win best international speaker award at IIPSC World Debates

This year’s competition was held in Lithuania from 23rd-29th April 2014.


The team has been the most successful to date in this international competition from stiff competition from top schools in Hong Kong and Deerfield Academy in the US one of The Doon School’s exchange partners. The team consisted of Pulkit Agarwal  from Hyderabad House, Vrindam Nagpal from Oberoi House, Arth Gupta from Jaipur House, Devansh Agarwal  from Kashmir House, Krishna Lohiya from Tata House and Manan Pradhan from Oberoi House.


Pukit Agarwal was awarded a place in the finals of the Interpretive Reading Category, the Best Speaker overall with English as a foreign language. 





The Doon School competes in the IPSC Shooting Competition 24th-28th April 2014



The school team competed in this competition against 300 pupils with the following schools had participated in the championship:



1.  The Doon School, Dehradun 

2.  Mayo College, Ajmer

3.  RIMC, Dehradun

4.  Scindia School, Gwalior

5.  Vikas Vidyalaya, Ranchi

6.  YPS, Patiala

7.  Pinegrove School, Dharampur

8.  Welham Boys School, Dehradun

9.  Vidya Devi Jindal School, Hisar

10. Maharani Gayatri Devi School, Jaipur

11. Mayo Collge Grils School, Ajmer

12. M.N.S.S., Rai (Motilal Nehru School of Sports, Rai)

13. The Daly College, Indore



Congratulations to Akshat Jha from Jaipur House, Arjun Singh from Hyderabad House, Omar Chishti and Raihan Vadra from Kashmir House and Sarthak Chaudhary from Oberoi House.



The school team came 4th and Raihan Vadra was eligible to participate in the SGFI Nationals in October 2014. 


Dosco's dazzle at University of Waterloo International Mathematics Competition 2014


The University of Waterloo one of Canada’s leading universities showcases mathematical talent through the Pascal & Cayley Mathematical Competition 2014. 

Almost 60,000 pupils from over 1400 schools internationally participated in the Pascal, Cayley and Fermat Mathematics Competition 2014 organized by the Centre for Education in Mathematics and Computing, University of Waterloo, Canada.  


The following boys have been ranked in the top 25% of the Cayley Competition and have been awarded certificates to the following boys in B form:


1.      Vatsal Bora from Hyderabad House


2.      Mudit Bajaj from Hyderabad House


3.      Mohammad Omar Chishti from Kashmir House


4.      Mihir Gupta from Kashmir House


5.      Jaideep Singh Gill from Jaipur House


6.      Shiven Kumar from Oberoi House


7.      Ishan Garg from Oberoi House


8.      Divij Mullick from Tata House




The following boys from A form have been awarded certificates of distinction for being ranked in the top 25% of all contestants in the Cayley Competition: 


1.      Tanmay Nautiyal from Oberoi House


2.      Madhav Nath Gurtoo from Oberoi House


3.      Rahul Garg from Oberoi House  


4.      Prabhsharan Singh Mamik from Hyderabad House


5.      Tejit Vinod Pabari from Hyderabad House


6.      Kanav Agarwal from Tata House


7.      Dhruv Kharabanda from Jaipur House




Special medals were awarded for school champions to Vatsal Bora from Hyderabad House for securing maximum marks in the Pascal Competition and to Tanmay Nautiyal and Madhav Nath Gurtoo both from Oberoi House for jointly securing maximum marks in the Cayley Competition. 



Junior Table Tennis victories, 17th April 2014


Congratulations to the U13 team who beat the Aryan School 3-2. On the team were Sparsh Aggarwal and Anant Jain from Hyderabad House and Anuman Goel from Oberoi House who won 3-2 and the U14 team defeated the Aryan School 3-0. The team comprised of Hitansh Nagdev and Arunav Vaish from Jaipur House and Krishna Goyal from Oberoi House.




MUN at Woodstock



Boys competed at the MUN held by Woodstock School from 11th-13th April. The boys won the following awards:




Best Delegate awards were given to:


Madhav Mall from Tata House


Savar Khanna from Kashmir House


Vedant Agarwal from Oberoi House




Honourable mentions were given to:


Samarth Juneja from Oberoi House


Aditya Bhardwaj from Jaipur House


Parth Khanna form Oberoi House


Mukhal Goyal from Oberoi House


Atrey Bhargava from Oberoi House


Yasir Nizam and Tammay Gupta from Jaipur House


Karan Dhillon from Tata House 


International Chess rated Competition success 2014




The Imperia Structure FIDE Rating (below 1600) Chess Tournament, March 2014


There were three hundred players competing in this competition that was 1600 and below rating. Eight boys competed from school with Anuman Goel from Martin (Oberoi) House and who came First in the U13 category and was ranked in the top 25 players in the tournament with 6.5 points out of 9. Other good performances came from Shreyash Agarwal and Vedant Mehra from Kashmir House, Rishit Thakur, Shiven Dewan and Devansh Mittal and Rajveer Kochar from Martyn House and Mihir Gupta from Kashmir House



FIDE Rating (Below 1699) Chess Tournament March, 2014


This competition was held from 25th-29th March for 1699 rating and below and featured 460 players with 323 being internationally rated chess players. Congratulations to Sarthak Gupta from Kashmir House who stood First in Under 20 Category and was ranked in the top 25 players in the tournament with 7.5 points out of 10. Other boys who competed in this competition included: Raghav Bagri from Foot (Tata) House, Akshat Jha from Jaipur House, Shreshth Mehra from Oberoi House and Devansh Sharma from Tata House. 






Best ever result for the school at 3rd MUN Harvard MUN Conference Beijing, March 2014 



Congratulations to the best ever school results at this event. More than one thousand delegates from thirty countries. Doon won the following:


1. Ishaan Kapoor from Oberoi House and Tushaar Sharma from Jaipur House won the ‘Best Delegate Award’ in the Security Council.

2. Smayan Sahni from Tata House, Jayadityavir Singh, Rishi Raj Deva from Jaipur House and Arya Khanal from Oberoi House won the Most Outstanding Delegate Award’ in the DISEC, HRC and UNDP Committees respectively.

3. Kanav Agarwal  from Jaipur House, Chaitnya Kediyal from Tata House, Ananay Sethi and Vanash Agarwal both from Oberoi House and Dhruv Ahuja from Kashmir House all won ‘Honourable Mentions’ in their respective committees.




Dosco's dazzle at the Raffles Institute of Mathematics Challenge




Congratulations to Vaibhav Chandak from Oberoi House and Kanav Agarwal from Tata House who have passed round one of this prestigious event which say 3,500 pupils from all over India compete. They have sat the second round in Chennai on 10th November and gained a ranking of 35th and 67th respectively in the top 100. 




IPSC Athletics and District Athletics Competition Results 2013




In the U19 category, the school team performed at the IPSC Athletics Competition from 8th to 10th November 2013.


Siddarth Sarin from Tata House, Varun Sinha from Hyderabad House and Kartikey from Hyderabad House performed well for the school.


At the District Athletics Competition held in the RIMC on 9th and 10th November a young team gained several silver medals and one gold.


The results were as follows:


Silver medals went to:


1.     Suyash Bishnoi from Hyderabad House in the U20 High Jump

2.     Yasser Iqbal from Tata House in the U20 800 metres

3.     Yash Kuldeep Mishra from Hyderabad House in the U16 High Jump

4.     Arjun Kamdar from Oberoi House in the U18 High Jump

5.     Pratyush Bharti from Kashmir House in the U16 Shot Put


Congratulations to Arunabh Utkarsh, from Oberoi House who won Gold in the Discus event in the U16 category.   



Bronze IAYP Awards 2013

 Congratulations to:



1.      Rudra  Srivastava from Kashmir House


2.      Codanda. C. Chengappa from Kashmir House


3.      Atrey Bhargava from Oberoi House


4.      Siddarth Goel from Hyderabad House


5.      Raghav Kumar from Hyderabad House  





Boys achieve their Colours


Congratulations to the school Music Captain Hamza Khan, from Jaipur House who has been awarded Music Colours. Hamza is a Hindustani Classical violinist and is a North India Trinity Topper.


Drama Colours are awarded to:


1.      Sachin Mehra from Hyderabad House

2.      Mihir Kiran from Kashmir House

3.      Jai Ahuja from Kashmir House

4.      Aashim Bansal from Kashmir House

5.      Sahil Chaudhary from Jaipur House


Congratulations to the following boys who were re-awarded their Drama colours for outstanding contribution to Hindi theatre in school:


1.      Ritesh Shinde from Jaipur House

2.      Malini Malaviya


Devesh Sharma, from Hyderabad House also gets Drama colours for the second time.

For the first time Arjun Sharma from Tata House  also is awarded Drama colours.


Art Colours:


These are awarded to:   


1.      Pritika Sandhu from Hyderabad House

2.      Pranjal Bhatt from Oberoi House



Dance Colours


For the second time go to Agni Raj Singh in Hyderabad House


PT Awards


The following boys have been awarded their PT Jersey’s:


1.      Rishabh Chadda from Oberoi House

2.      Diviij Batra from Jaipur House

3.      Zahaan Quershi from Jaipur House

4.      Raghav Kathyal  from Tata House

5.      Dhruv Prasad from Hyderabad House



Squash Results


The school U19, U17 and U14 teams played RIMC on 11th and 12th October.


The school lost their categories to RIMC but Ishaan Sandhu from Tata House who won his U19 match and Shreyans Chedda from Oberoi House who also won his U17 match.  




Business Club organized its 1st Young Entrepreneurs' Conference, September 2013


The Doon School hosted the Young Entrepreneur Conference for the first time on 21st and 22nd September. The symposium is the offspring of the Business Club of The Doon School and intends to strengthen the spirit of entrepreneurship and business intellect by providing hands-on training through a wide array of relevant activities. This conference is based on a very unique concept and aims at inculcating entrepreneurial and leadership skills through a host of competitive activities ranging from making advertisements to using drama. Nine schools, including teams such as Mayo College for Girls, Mayo College for Boys, Wynberg Allen School, Vasant Valley School and St. Georges College comprising forty participants took part in the conference. The first day revolved around creating marketing strategies for induction cookers and a cross questioning round following that. This round proved to be entertaining yet a great source of learning. This simulation activity was followed by a presentation by the young entrepreneurs and Business Club of The Doon School about their thriving ventures.  


The second event of the day was a theme based entrepreneurship programme aimed at integrating the three necessary elements of an organization, ‘innovation’, ‘environment’ and ‘entrepreneurship’. The series of presentations laid emphasis on sustainable development by the use of solar panels, rain water recycling and other environment friendly methods. This event was followed by a simulation exercise which looked at the problems and the solutions to the setting up of an aluminum extraction plant at a religious site.  


The closing ceremony saw the Best Advertisement go to Mayo College for Girls’ and Wynberg Allen School at the joint first position. Vasant Valley School stood first in the Theme Based Presentation while The Doon School won the Simulation Activity. The overall winners of the competition were the Mayo College for Girls’. 


The Doon School A team, comprising of Siddhart Sethi, from Tata House, Vireshwar Singh Sidhu  from Hyderabad House, Ashim Bansal, from Kashmir House and Ashutosh Goyal from Tata House secured 2nd position in the advertisement activity and 3rd position in the Theme Based Presentation.  The team stood runner up for the overall position. 


The Doon School B team comprising of Kartikey Luthra, from Tata House, Vinayak Chowdhury from Oberoi House, Parth Khanna, from Oberoi House and Sarthak Guta from Kashmir House  won the simulation  exercise.



Doscos win the 4th Shriram Bansidhar Chess Tournament 2013



The school team won the tournament against strong competition from schools in Delhi, Rajasthan, Kolkata, and Gwalior. There were sixteen teams involved. Many congratulations to the school team. The boys were Captain Sarthak Gupta from Kashmir House, Shauraya Agarwal from Tata House, Parth Khanna from Oberoi House and Anuman Goel in D form from Martyn House. The tournament featured sixteen FIDE international rated players, twenty national players and several others who have played at State level. Captain Sarthak Gupta in his closing speech spoke of the unique experience the three day competition gave non rated players. They have had a chance to play rated players at no participation fee. There are almost no such competitions that enable this to happen. The school is most grateful to the Shriram family for sponsoring the tournament each year. 



ISC and ICSE Nikhil Gupta Charitable Trust Scholarships 2013

This scholarship is given to pupils who have secured the highest marks in English and highest average marks in Mathematics and Science in the ISC and ISCE examinations.


Many congratulations to Vidit Sidhana from Oberoi House who was awarded the scholarship for the highest mark in English.


Vidit achieved 97% in English. He is currently at SRCC his first choice university.    


Congratulations also go to Mahak Sharma from Tata House who was awarded the scholarship for securing the highest average marks 97.3% in Mathematics and Science. Please note that the Science mark consists of Physics and Chemistry. Mahak is currently studying at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology on a scholarship and it is her first choice university.




For English, the award is being shared between thirteen boys who all achieved the highest English mark of 94%. They are:


Aditya Bhattacharya from Kashmir House


Aditya Gandhi from Jaipur House


Pulkit Agarwal from Hyderabad House


Varun Narain Sinha from Hyderabad House


Vireshwar Singh Sidhu from Hyderabad House


Kartikeya Jain from Oberoi House


Armaan Iman from Oberoi House


Abhinav Kejriwal from Jaipur House


Divyansh Goel from Hyderabad House


Rajkumar Vijay from Hyderabad House


Ayush Tripathi from Jaipur House


Suyash Raj Shrivam from Jaipur House


Yuvraj Nathani from Hyderabad House  



Congratulations to Pulkit Agarwal, from Hyderabad House who achieved the award for the highest average in Mathematics and Science of 96.5%. Please note that the Science mark consists of Physics and Chemistry.



Jaidev Singh Memorial Award and Scholarship 2013

This scholarship is awarded to boys who achieved the highest marks in Science at ICSE.


This year’s boys achieved 94% and they were:


1.       Preetham Mohan from Hyderabad House

2.       Pulkit Agarwal from Hyderabad House

3.       Sidharth Pahuja from Oberoi House

4.       Suyash Raj Shivam from Jaipur House





IAYP Silver Awards


Congratulations to Akshay Sarawgi, Siddharth Pahuja and Sudhansh Agarwal from Oberoi House, Ashim Bansal from Kashmir House and Ayush Tripathi from Jaipur House and Guruansh Singh from Hyderabad House who have been awarded their silver award.












Rashtriya Life Saving Society (RLSS) winners

For the first time, the school participated in the National Life Saving Championships held at Genesis School, NOIDA in June 2013.  This event had over a hundred participants from across the country and competition was tough. The zones with climatic conditions that favoured all year round swimming, established a lead. Special training sessions were held in school at the start of the summer holidays for the team. Despite the tough competition, two of the boys won silver medals in the U16 and U14 categories, namely Arunabh Uttkarsh from Oberoi House and Nehansh Saxena from Hyderabad House respectively. The other boys who participated in the championship were Pranjal Bhatt, Rohan Agarwal, Divyant Sapra, Agastya Shetty and Tanmay Gupta. They were accompanied by Mrs. Katre who was an Official at the event and has also been invited to be an Official at the Commonwealth Life Saving Championships to be held in Australia in September 2013. 


 As this is a relatively young sport in India, it provides the boys with an opportunity to make a mark at national level, and possibly inter-national level. 



WEMUN Conference 2013

Success was achieved at the MUN in Beijing from 30th July to 5th August 2013.


Congratulations go to Vrindam Nagpal in Oberoi House who won an outstanding delegate award in the Disarmament and International Security Committee and to Abhinav Kerjiwal from Jaipur House and Abhayraj Jain from Hyderabad House who each won outstanding delegate awards in the Security Council.


Honourary Mentions were made to Ritesh Devnani from Oberoi House who represented the World Health Organisation and Kartikeya Jain also from Oberoi House representing the World Bank.


Tanishq Agarwala from Oberoi House was awarded the Best Position Paper who was involved in the United Nations Environment Programme.



 Oberoi House wins B G Pitre Science Short Story Contest 2013



Congratulations to the following boys:            






1st : Prabnur Bal Singh



2nd : Anshul Tibrewal



Both boys are in Oberoi House.






1st: Shiven Khanna was also from Oberoi House!




Swimming success at inter-school competition at St George’s Mussoorie 11th-12th May 2013



Congratulations to the following swimming team members who gained the following medals:



Individual categories:


Nehansh Saxena, from Hyderabad House won gold in 50m backstroke.


Pratyasksh Parmar from Jaipur House and Vinayak Chourdhary from Oberoi House won bronze and the medlay relay team for juniors won silver in their freestyle and medley events. The senior team won bronze in all three categories.



Latest Cricket Results 

In an exciting match on Sunday 28th April, the School’s 1st XI played the co-educational day school, Mayur College from Jaipur. The School lost by five runs in the last over.


Rishaavraj Das from Oberoi House scored 44 runs. 



Success at U18 state basketball tournament

Two boys from the school basketball team were chosen to play for the U18 state basketball championships from 9th-12th April 2013. Sehaj Singh Jouhol from Tata House and Shourya Kishorepuria from Oberoi House played in the team that defeated Roorkee in the finals 65-41.  



Squash Results 

In a triangular tournament on 24th April, the school played Welham Boys School and Woodstock School. The School played twelve matches, winning seven. The school team comprised of Raghav Kothiwal, Dhananjay Bansal and Shivam Tandon from Tata House, Shreyansh Chheda and Parth Khanna from Oberoi House and Rishi Raj Deva from Jaipur House.  



Doon competes in International French Olympiad 


Thirty two students participated in the International French Language Olympiad.


The following boys achieved the first three ranks in their levels and great world rankings:


Level 1


1. Rudra Srivastava (Kashmir House) : Class Rank- 1st, World Rank: 3rd

He got a medal and a cash prize of Rs.3000/-.

2. Sarvshrest Singh (Hyderabad House): Class Rank- 2nd, World Rank:  32nd

3. Vikramaditya Kapur (Tata House):  Class Rank- 3rd, World Rank: 42nd


Ishita Bhardwaj, from Hyderabad House got a world ranking of 86 and Atreya Guruprasad of Kashmir House was ranked 122nd.



Level 2


1. Anvay Grover (Oberoi House): Class Rank: 1st, World Rank:  45th

2. Pranav Kothiwal (Tata House): Class Rank: 2nd                                      

3. Yash Dhandhania (Hyderabad): Class Rank: 3rd



Level 4

1. Shivam Goyal (Hyderabad House): Class Rank: 1st,  World Rank:  7th

2. Nivit Kochhar (Kashmir House): Class Rank:  2nd, He got a watch as a memento

3. Siddhant Gupta (Tata House)            



 First Round of the Inter-House Hindi Debates 2013


· Jaipur vs Hyderabad


Jaipur House won the debate. Arnav Joshi was adjudged the Best Speaker. Arth Gupta & Yash Agrawal were adjudged the Most Promising Speakers.



· Kashmir vs Oberoi


Oberoi House won the debate. Vrindam Nagpal was adjudged the Best Speaker. Arunabh Utkarsh was adjudged the Most Promising Speaker.




 Result of B.P. Chandola Hindi essay writing contest (April 2013):

Following are the results:


Senior Category: 


First place: Shaurya Agarwal (76-T)   

Second place: Vallavi Shukla (152-O)   


Junior Category:


First place: Vansh Aggarwal (268-O) 

Second place: Chinmaya Sharma (294-K) 

Joint third place: Rudra Srivastava (246-K)  

 Mihir Gupta (378-K)  


 Oberoi House wins Inter-House Cricket Competition 2013

Congratulations to Oberoi for winning the Junior and Senior Cricket Cup 2013



 Inter-House Hindi Poetry Competition 2013

Oberoi House have also won this competition:


1st:Abhinav Kejriwal

2nd: Vrindam Nagpal

3rd: Anshul Tibrewal



Boys compete at SRCC Business Conclave

SRCC Business Conclave: The Young Leaders' Initiative is a Programme of SRCC Business Conclave to enhance a strong desire to develop a challenge that can sharpen the young brain and provide a first hand experience of participating in national level college event.
The prime objective of the competition was to bridge the gap between classroom theories and its real life application. Business Conclave 2013 also included OTS (On-the-Spot) events in the following areas:

* Innovation and Technology
* Economics and Money
* Human Resource Management
* Media and Communication
* Operations Management
* Taxation Planning
* Retail Selling
* Networking Skills
* Logical Reasoning
* Statistical Analysis

The Doon School with a team of following boys participated on the 5th and 6th of February, 2013 and reached to the finals along with four other schools. The Doon School team consisted of: Uday Goyal, from Jaipur House, Himanshu Poddar in Oberoi House and Shivaan Seth of Jaipur House.

Many schools which participated in the business conclave, including top day schools in Delhi and Kolkata.


Prizes and Awards for 2012

•Reading Awards: Junior: Silver: Ananay Sethi (266-O) and Ishaan Kapoor (339-O)
Bronze: Shiven Khanna (346-O)
Medium: Bronze: Vrindam Nagpal (638-O)
Senior: Silver: Vidit Sidana (552-O)

•Bakhle English Essay Prize Test: Second Position: Rayhaan Imam (554-O)

•Certificate of Excellence in Yoga in C Form (2012): Ishaan Kapoor (339-O)

•Best Musician in B Form: Shaurya Varun Kishorepuria (167-O)
Best Musician in SC Form: Yuv Vir Khosla (578-O)

•J.S. Chowdhury Trophy for the Best Aeromodeller, 2012: Nipurn Dutta (62-O)

•The Sunil Rawlley Prize for the Most Promising Swimmer: Animesh Jain (111-O)

•The Trophy for the Best P.T. Leader: Tanmay Kapoor (116-O)


Results: Inter House Competitions 2012


Games and Sports

Inter House Athletics: 1st Position in the Junior and Medium Sections
Inter House Badminton: Winner of House Cup
Inter House P.T.: Winner of Junior Cup, Senior Cup and House Cup
Inter House Swimming: Winner of Medium Cup




Inter House Hindi Poetry Competition: Winner of House Cup
Inter House Shanti Swaroop Science Essay Competition: Winner of House Cup
Inter House Music Competition: Winner of House Cup
Inter House Dance Competition: Winner of House Cup



School Records Broken at Inter-House Athletics Championship, October 2012


Siddharth Sarin has set up a new record with a discus throw of 29:38 m in the Medium category shattering the old record of 29.10m set by V.Suri in 1981.



Oberoi House won the Junior and Medium category and Tata House the Senior Cup. Tata House won the House Cup.


Adhiraj Singh from Oberoi House and Muzaffarnagar, U.P. won the Mumtaz Ahmed Trophy for the Best Athlete of the Championship and Angad Shergill from Tata House and Chandigarh was given the Most Promising Junior Athlete award.




MUN success at Dhirubai Ambani School


There were thirty schools competing with four hundred and forty delegates in the MUN at the end of October 2012.Schools came from all over India as well as Dubai, Muscat and Pakistan. The school’s team included Pranay Raj Kapoor from Hyderabad, who received an Honourable Mention and Nakul Talwar in Oberoi House, received the Outstanding Delegate in ECOFIN.



Doon School runners up in Debating Competition at Mayo Girls Silver Jubilee Celebrations


At the beginning of September, the school fielded a team in English and Hindi Debating as well as Multi-Media against sixteen other schools from Bishop Cotton in Shimla to Daly College in Indore. The multi-media team of Nivit Kotchhar from Kashmir House and Delhi and Abhishek Bansal, Hyderabad House and Gujarat came 4th.


The Hindi team debaters which were runners up, losing to the host school consisted of Abhinav Kejirwal, from Jaipur House and Delhi, Ritesh Shinde from Jaipur House and Maharashtra and Yash Agarwal from Oberoi House and West Bengal. Ritesh Shinde was awarded the Best Speaker in the semi-finals and Abhinav Kejirwal was judged Most Promising Speaker in the final.


In the English debates, the team was also runners up. The team for this part of the competition were Yash Jalan, from Hyderabad and Kolkata, Pulkrit Aggarwal from Hyderabad House and Pilibit, UP, Rahul Srivastava from Hyderabad and Noida and Shashvat Dhandhania from Tata House and Kolkata. In the quarter finals, Pulkrit Aggarwal and Rahul Srivastava were judged Best Speaker and Most Promising Speaker respectively. In the semi-finals, Rahul was judged best speaker and in the finals Shashvat was judged the Most Promising Speaker.




The Doon School is not connected in any way with any other school that has Doon in its name. The Doon School does not have any other branches.  

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