Scholarship and Bursary Fund: The Doon School offers financial aid in the form of scholarships and bursaries.Scholarships are merit based, and Bursaries are need based forms of financial aid.These are designed to attract top quality boys irrespective of parental income. Our aim is to build up the schools scholarship and bursary corpus so as to help secure the necessary financial support for both current and future generations of talented boys.

IPSS Bursary: IPSS Bursary Fund

Chhota Hazri Fund: The Doon School Annual Fund is a crucial source of funding that allows the school to meet its most pressing needs on a priority basis related to infrastructure, teacher development, & information technology.

Chandbagh Estate Fund: The Doon School Asset Replacement Fund has been set up to fund Capital Projects(immovable and immovable assets) such as New Masters’ Housing, New Indoor Sports Complex, Main Building renovation, Squash Court and Swimming Pool renovation

Endowment Fund: The Doon School Endowment Fund is an investment fund established to provide a permanent source of financial support to the school. The principal, or value of the fund, is never spent; only the investment income from the fund maybe used to fund scholarships / bursaries or capital projects of the school.

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