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Tareekh: A seminar organized by the History Department

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Posted on : May 6, 2015

The department welcomed two three guest speakers. Ratna Vira author and academic who spoke about The position of women in contemporary Indian Society and possibilities of change, Professor Nonica Datta speaking about modern trends in history writing and Ms Kamla Pant who spoke about Uttarakhand and the role of women in its formation.

A collection of essays written by the boys and some girls, who are studying History at ISC and the IB, included the following titles:


  • Naadir Singh, “Faith Betrayed”: The 1984 Sikh Riots.
  • Ritvik Khare, “Flappers, Booze and Machine Guns”: An investigation of Prohibition Era America and the Emergence of the American Mafia.
  • Rishab Badhwar, “The Rise of Evil”: The Psychology Behind Hitler’s Propaganda
  • Shlok Jain and Sharat Nambiar, “Superman, Super Powers and Supremacy”: The Role of Popular Media in Cold War Propaganda in the USA.
  • Rohan Chaudhary and Swadeshi Movement, “Analysis of the Various Components of the Swadeshi Movement in Bengal. How far was it successful in achieving its aims?”
  • Ashwin Solanki, “Perceptions and Conflict”: A case study in the teaching of the Vietnam War.
  • Soumya Pandey, “Love, Exile and Asylum”: The Defection of Stalin’s Daughter from the USSR to the USA.
  • Pranav Kothiwal, “Loyalty, Assassination and Nazi Germany”: An Investigation into the Various Unsuccessful attempts on Adolf Hitler’s Life.
  • Naman Lodha, ”Nationalization of the Suez Canal”: An Analysis Through Prospect Theory.
  • Sahir Chaudhary, “A Winter’s Thaw”: An Investigation into The Prague Spring.
  • Vallavi Shukla, ‘Second-Wave Feminism in the United States and its Contribution To The Status Of Women In India’.
  • Aditya Vardhan Bhardwaj and Nihal Singh Dhillion, “He Said; She Said”: An Investigation into Holocaust Revisionism.

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