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School Codes & Policies


The Doon School has a comprehensive approach with regard to it codes and policies, which incorporates all aspects of school life, for boys, parents and staff.



There is a Life at Doon : Codes and Policies Booklet 2011 and this is reviewed annually.
The Booklet is distributed to:
  1. Each boy
  2. Each current parent
  3. Each staff member
  4. Each prospective parent, as part of the welcome information pack from the school. 


The Doon School has over twenty policies on all aspects of school life. They include

  • Admissions
  • Mobile Phones
  • IT
  • Anti- bullying
  • Drugs
  • Alcohol
  • Outings
  • Medical
  • Academic Honesty

The Doon School is not connected in any way with any other school that has Doon in its name.

The Doon School does not have any other branches. 

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