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Young Round Square Conference, Indore – 7th June to 11th June 2015

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Posted on : June 20, 2015


Boys from C and B form attended this conference in June. It was attended by schools throughout India. Inderveer Singh Oberoi and Rishav Misra report on their experiences.

‘We all were then divided into four barazzas considering no specific school students from different school were in the same barazzas. Those who were in the Public Speaking Barazza named ‘Thatcher’ were given a short lecture on public speaking by Shaurya Upadhyay, about how much confidence is required when we give a speech in front of a great crowd. Those who were in the Bal Panchayat Barazza named Gandhi were given a lecture by Keshav Gupta about how a Panchayat is a small form of government and usually works in the primitive as well as developed villages and outlines some of the the issues which they usually deal with. The English Theatre barazza was named Shakespeare which involved discussion on theatre. The last barazza was the Youth Parliament named Lincoln where we discussed how the government works and what problems they discuss. We also learnt that there were three different groups in the Parliament, the government, the neutral party and the opposition.


Our third day commenced with an exciting tree plantation project. Here each school was given a sapling to plant and we were allowed to plant two with our teacher escorts AKM & MNP. Thereafter, we sat through a lecture by Mr. Keshav Gupta on Bal Pachayat. Thereafter, we visited a Village Pachayat in the nearby village. There we discussed the different rules and powers of the Panchayat. An interactive session between the students and the Panchayat took place and many of our doubts and myths were clarified. We returned back to the school for lunch after which we had our second Barazza Session and a theatre workshop with Krish Bedi. Soon, by 6:00 pm, the cultural evening started where all the schools showcased their various talents. Brilliant tabla performances were given by our fellow delegates, Krish Goel and Intervener Oberoi and Chetanya Baid’s Anand Loke song was mesmerizing. Then Varen and Arnav had put up the song “count on me” in which Varen played the guitar, Arnav sang and Rishav played the drums. We performed the play, ‘The Return’. It was a fantastic day which was topped with an even more exciting DJ night and a sumptuous dinner.’

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