Dear All,

If holidays always come a week too late then their end always seems to come a week too soon. Believe me, I really felt it when I left Leipzig and got on the plane to Munich and then Delhi, saying goodbye to my own children and heading back to work with yours. I know that you will treasure the last day with them.

The winter camp for exam prep is coming to an end and in talking to the boys and masters I learned they have had the time to run through full papers, practice timed tasks, get the feedback they need to improve their responses and revise the knowledge and understanding that is going to be assessed in the weeks and months to come.


Winter camp 
The 12th class boys have been receiving offers following their university applications. When I look through them I'm delighted to see people and places that I think are wonderful fits for each other; you have to live where you are and that's a lot of the learning that comes with leaving home and school.

As you are helping your son pack to return to school, thank you for remembering those things that he needs from you in terms of support and encouragement, and those things that he doesn't, like money, spare phones and Wi-Fi dongles. 

Ground cleared for reconstruction of the swimming pool, squash courts and the gymnasium
Grass matted seating near the Main Field.
Newly constructed outdoor reading area as an extension of the Library.
Enhanced lighting in the Library
I hope that they like some of the changes we have made over the holiday and I know that they and you will like some of the things that we have started and will finish during the course of the year; the MPH is something that we are particularly looking forward to when it's finished. At the moment it's raining and for this term a rainy day will have its assembly in the CDH... which will inevitably mean less talking from the front!
Terracotta Mural (8ft X 15ft) by C-Form boys to be displayed at the CDH
Safe travels back to school and all the best for the term ahead.


The Doon School
Mall Road
Dehradun- 248 001