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The Summer at Doon programme is an engaging leadership course for students of Grades/Classes 9-12 that will build their leadership skills and enlighten them to move from thought to action and from success to significance.

The programme aims to develop:An understanding of how philosophy, history and experience have shaped and influenced well known leaders.
Emotional, intellectual and social growth through different modes of learning in a safe and supportive environment which is also academically challenging. Learning will include critical thinking, inquiry, debate, self-reflection, practical assessment, teamwork, empathy and a profound understanding of the wide ranging issues raised in the programme.
A greater sense of awareness about ethics and values-based leadership amongst the students with respect to society and business, science and the environment, politics and citizenship.

The programme is a blend of Socratic dialogues, experiential learning, motivational lectures, outdoor activity and adventure sports. A critically important element will be social service and social responsibility, and their relationship with leadership.
Text-based Socratic dialogues: Students will read, reflect on and conduct discussions on a series of thought provoking readings around the issues of leadership such as (i) The Challenge of Leadership; (ii) The Promise of Leadership; (iii) The Good Society; (iv) The Possibility of Heroism; and (v) The Meaning of Life.

Sports, Adventure and Social Service: In order to inculcate a bias towards action in the students, there are dedicated days for adventure sports such as trekking, leadership and team building games and social service projects.

Academic study of Leadership: A long with the readings, the programme also provides an academic perspective and understanding of leadership.

Communication Skills and Performing Arts: Written and verbal communication skills training will include activities such as public speaking which will give students an experience of combining quality and quantity of expression in a structured format in front of an audience. The students will also prepare a play on values-based leadership to “experience’ the leadership predicament.
Experiential Soft Skills Training: To enhance skills such as positive attitude and self-confidence, motivating self and others, resolving conflict and dealing with stress, and becoming more emotionally intelligent.

Social Service and Social Responsibility: This forms part of the ethos and curriculum at The Doon School. It is an essential component of the Summer at Doon programme. Students will be involved in a range of projects to do with schools and other organizations, to sensitize them to various social issues, and expose them to an environment where there is a scarcity of basic requirements, inequities and hardships in life. This will also provide a relevant and necessary case study for all students to learn how leadership is required to manage and solve the manifold problems which exist in nations around the

Personalized Counseling and Tests: Personalized Counseling sessions for the students, in which the counselor will discuss the students’ experiences, problems, progress and ongoing understanding, as well as test-based analysis.
Guest Lectures: There will be a series of motivational & educational lectures from people of different backgrounds.

The programme will be a two week residential course at The Doon School, which is set in 70 acres of beautiful grounds abounding with glorious wildlife, fauna and flora.
Monday – Friday 9am-5pm and Saturday 9am-1pm (These times are based upon India’s time zone.)
Safety is our first priority. All journeys and activities are fully supervised by our vastly experienced teaching staff. The Doon School is a gated community with 24-hour security and nobody can leave or enter the school without the guards’ permission.
As the course is all-inclusive, students will require pocket money only, ideally not more than Rs 2,000/- What will be the style of the programme?
The Doon School has comfortable boarding houses with appropriate facilities. Girls will be in one house and boys in a separate house. Both houses will be fully staffed by experienced boarding staff. Rooms will be shared. All houses have common rooms with recreational and full washroom facilities. There is full wifi internet access. All sports facilities, such as the swimming pool, multiple tennis courts, basketball courts and squash courts, as well as pitches for cricket, soccer and hockey, the Music School, Rose Bowl amphitheatre, Library with full internet access, Central Dining Hall, Art and Media School, air-conditioned 110-seat theatre, IT centre and Wellness Centre are all within easy walking distance from the boarding houses.
As part of the leadership programme, students will be required to commit to a project after they return from the Summer School which could be in the form of a school, college or community level project in the area of their passion. The project must have an impact on the target audience and improve the status quo. It should involve the students to commit some of their time, individually or in a group, directly to the project. The project must help the student to make the transition from success to significance.
The outdoor trips will be led by an experienced team of staff from The Doon School who are very experienced in organizing activities of this nature across all age groups. The team will include first aiders and will always carry a comprehensive first aid kit. They will all be carrying emergency numbers of the nearest Hospitals and Ambulances. Students and/or their parents are politely requested to inform the school of any medical problems in advance, including allergies that they may have. If students have diabetes, allergies, asthma or any condition that may require emergency care, students are requested always to carry some identification (tag, bracelet or card) indicating the prescriptions required in case of an emergency. You are also advised to carry a letter from your physician. The school requires this information in advance of the student’s arrival.
Please note that there are full laundry facilities available at the school. Details of how the system works will be explained to all students on arrival.
The Doon School is able to provide for all known dietary requirements, either religious or medical.
Before any group’s arrival we make sure that we receive any special dietary requirements for all students and teachers so that we can provide this information to our catering manager. If in doubt, please contact us directly with specifics of your needs.
Accommodation is on a shared basis in tents or guest houses.
The Doon School’s Wellness Centre is a fully equipped medical centre and hospital with in-patient facilities at the very heart of the campus, is staffed by a school doctor, school nurse and support staff, and has its own ambulance. It deals with minor complaints, aches and pains. Any more serious problems are referred immediately to specialists as appropriate. The Max Super Specialty Hospital, a world class facility which can deal with all medical emergencies and conditions, is 15 minutes from the school and has state-of-the-art emergency ambulances. There are also plenty of other very good quality medical and dental facilities within minutes of the school in Dehradun should they be required.
Yes, they are allowed, but as the programme is intensive and requires commitment, they will have to be submitted to the teacher-in-charge during the day and will be made available for an hour only in the evenings. We would advise students not to carry a fancy phone; please carry a basic communication device. In any emergency, telephones will be available or made available immediately.
The Doon School offers a modern and comfortable Central Dining Hall which serves a nutritious and varied menu of western food (known in India as “continental”), and Indian cuisine. The menus are designed to meet the needs and palates of vegetarians and non-vegetarians, as well as anyone with special dietary requirements.
The Doon School offers a modern and comfortable Central Dining Hall which serves a nutritious and varied menu of western food (known in India as “continental”), and Indian cuisine. The menus are designed to meet the needs and palates of vegetarians and non-vegetarians, as well as anyone with special dietary requirements.
Yes, but at your own risk.
Please do carry a guitar or any other musical instrument that you play; it will be very useful and welcome.
Carry a torch, basic medicines that you may be using as and when required, mosquito repellent cream, a pair of sports shoes apart from regular slippers. Hair comb, sunscreen, finger nail clipper, clothes suitable as per the climate. It is the summer in Dehradun, so a hat or cap is also needed. Dehradun is a city in which any necessity that has been forgotten can be purchased.
The Opening and Closing Ceremonies will be conducted at The Doon School on 21st May and 3rd June 2019 respectively. Parents are cordially invited to attend either or both events.
Average temperatures range between a low of 17˚C ( 62˚F ) and 32˚C (89˚F). Normally there is little or no rain at that time of the year. The Doon School campus, being essentially a botanical garden of rare and beautiful trees, is shaded and always several degrees cooler than the city. Light clothing is recommended, although if there are rain showers, these can make nights a little cooler, so a sweatshirt or light second layer may be needed from time to time. A waterproof coat will come in handy.
Applications are welcome from boys at The Doon School as well as from all over India and across the globe. The age range is for boys and girls in Class 9-12.
The Summer at Doon leadership programme is a fully residential and coeducational course and all parts of the course are inter- woven and inter connected, so there are no choice options in the two week programme.

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