Chairman of the Board awarded Padma Bhushan

The school community was delighted by the announcement on Republic Day of one the President’s highest awards for civilians to The Doon School Chairman of the Board of Governors, Mr Analjit Singh. The President awarded the Padma Bhushan to Mr Singh for his services to Trade and Industry in India. The Doon School is delighted to have such a distinguished Dosco as Chairman of Governors.

Third generation of the Khanna family elected School Captain, February 2011

The Khanna clan has produced a third generation School Captain at The Doon School. The current School Captain, Vihan Khanna from Hyderabad House, grandson of Mr B.N. Khanna and Mrs Shila Khanna, is studying the IB and will be applying to top US colleges. In addition to three generations of School Captains, the family has also produced many House Captains. Each generation’s School Captain was born in a different country, successively Pakistan, India and the United States.

Brian Lara plays for The Doon School against the IMA

As part of the IMA’s support to create funds for the devastation in Uttarkashi, caused by the floods in June, Brian Lara played with the school’s 1st X1 against the IMA. The event was organized by old boy and parent Dr Alok Ahuja and old boy Rakesh Goswami. Dr Ahuja is the President of the IMA Derhadun. On 3rd October, the school team played against the Abhimanyu Cricket Academy. Brian Lara had also visited the school to an enthusiastic crowd of boys who welcomed him to lunch and a tour of the school.

The school team lost the match by 4 wickets but Kabir Sethi, from Hyderabad House and the school cricket captain opened the batting with Brian Lara, which for any player was a once in a life time opportunity. Brian Lara scored 69 and Kabir Sethi scored 36 not out and took 2 wickets. Kabir was awarded ‘Man of the Match’.

Staff member represents India at the Commonwealth Life Saving Championships in Canberra September 2013

Mrs Anez Katre, Head of the Teacher Training Centre at school, was part of the Indian team that represented the country in the Commonwealth Life Saving Championships in Canberra, Australia in September 2013.The event saw ten countries, fifteen teams and over three hundred participants. The Indian team had the smallest contingent but celebrated the gold and the silver medals in the 100m obstacle race for men.

Life saving is a unique sport. Skills are learned for humanitarian purposes and then applied to competition. Saving lives, is the critical aspect of the mission behind the competitive element.

Mrs Katre was asked to take the oath for the officials at the opening ceremony.

Doon’s social service curriculum spearheads the Uttarkashi support, October 2013

The school made the decision that this term’s mid – term exercise would be dominated by the need to assist the areas in Uttarkashi so tragically affected by the flooding. Boys and staff found villages with landslides and roads, which had almost been washed away. Boys and medical staff from the school created a medical camp that saw three hundred people, in just a few days.

The school is committed to a long term vision for the area and understands that the area needs financial investment and is prepared to support the need of the region by re building junior and senior schools too. (please put on the main site, and in the social service areas of the new site and existing site.

The Careers Department’s ongoing visits to Indian colleges

As part of the department’s ongoing commitment to providing informative and up to date guidance to boys, parent and staff, Mrs Pandey Head of Department of the Careers Information, Education and Guidance Department has visited more universities and colleges in India. These have included NID which is the National Institute of Design, the top institute for design in India. National institute of design which offers four year courses on Animation Film Design, Ceramic and Glass Design, Exhibitions design, Film and Video Communication, Furniture and Interior Design, Graphic Design, Product design, Textile design. National Institute of Design is internationally acclaimed as one of the finest educational and research institutions for Industrial, Communication, Textile and IT Integrated (Experiential) Design and is a matter of great pride for students to pass the entrance examination. They offer summer schools for the creatively inclined students.

Mrs Pandey also visited CEPT University, which takes its name from the ‘Centre for Environmental Planning and Technology’ (CEPT). The University Grants Commission recognized CEPT University under section 2(f) of the UGC Act, 1956 in 2007. The Department of Scientific and Industrial Research (DSIR) of the Government of India recognizes the University as a Scientific and Industrial Research Organization (SIRO). It offers bachelor courses in Architecture, Construction Technology, Interior design, and Planning. IB predicted scores are not considered for admission. They offer studio courses, workshop courses and lecture courses so that students have hands on experience of what they learn. The faculty student ratio in the studio courses is 1:10. A summer school is also available.

DAAD, the German academic exchange service which counsels students about education in Germany, was also visited on this trip. Germany is traditionally known as a country where education is ‘free’. Academic institutions in Germany can be divided into Universities (including Universities of Technology, abbr. TU) and Universities of Applied Sciences (Fachhochschulen, abbr. FH) TU’s are research-oriented and offer a wide variety of subjects and can award doctorate degrees. FH’s on the other hand, are work-oriented and offer courses mainly in engineering, business administration, social sciences and design. These have strong links to the industry and offer possibilities like joint supervision of the professor and a company for a master thesis. Fachhochschulen do not award doctorate degrees, however as a master degree holder from a Fachhochschule, one is in principle eligible to apply for a doctoral position at a University.

The programmes offered only in English are called International Degree Programmes.( IDP) and are available at fees ranging from 0 to 10,000 euros. A database is available on the DAAD website.

School mini-prospectus has arrived

The school is delighted to announce the arrival of the publication of its mini prospectus which was published at the end of August 2013. The school’s full prospectus which is a new publication is currently nearing the end of its production and will be dispatched to prospective parents.

For all admissions enquiries including full details of how to arrange a visit to the school, meet the Headmaster, together with the full admissions and scholarship application process please contact the Head of Admissions, Mr Madan Kothari on email:

Mr Kothari can also be contacted directly on : +91 135 2526406.

Please note that office hours in term time are:

Monday – Friday: 9am-5pm Saturday: 9am – 1pm School Holidays: The admissions office is open Monday-Friday.