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Entry to Doon

Entry to Doon

The Doon School’s mission is to recruit India’s exceptional boys who, apart from being strong in academics, will bring character, positive attitudes and talents and interests in fields such as sport, music and cultural activities to the school. We recruit boys from every state in India, Indian nationals from the SAARC countries and Indian nationals from all other parts of the globe. It almost goes without saying that The Doon School’s first priority will be a boy’s ability to cope with our academic curriculum, as well as to contribute strongly to the wider life of our school. In addition to their academic ability and potential, the school looks for qualities in boys that show they will make the very best use of the extraordinary opportunities offered here, in and out of the classroom; and boys who will seek to make their mark in the school, with active and positive participation, and leave a legacy behind them. We want boys not only to benefit themselves from a Doon education but also to add value to the lives of the other boys. The Doon School also wishes each of its boys to be leaders in their communities, their countries and around the world.

The Doon School is very fortunate to have many applicants for both entry classes (Classes VII and VIII) every year, so we are looking for boys with the desire to stretch themselves to the limit. We hope that a boy will serve his school and realize his own potential as he prepares to go on to us to the first class university or college of his choice.

The Doon School is unusual in that new boys are admitted in only two year groups, in Class VII and Class VIII. Please note that no boy will be able to join School after Class VIII for any reason. We do this to ensure that the boys become a closely knit community by the time they pass out from Doon. Registrations open from the day a boy is born. His name may be registered then, or as late as the day before the entrance examination if he decides to sit the entrance examination at the school (or ahead of that date if he sits it at one of the school’s centers outside Dehradun in India). The school does not refund any of the registration fee to candidates who fail to show up on the day of the entrance examination.

Our entrance examination is held in October each year. The non-refundable registration fee is on a sliding scale, so it is much cheaper to register your son for the entrance examination sooner rather than later.

The school makes every effort to keep in regular communication with all of its prospective parents. However, ultimately it is the parent’s responsibility to update the school of any physical location changes or changes of telephone or email details.

 Sample Past Papers for the Entrance Examination

The school no longer provides sample past papers for the entrance examination.