1st Yoga Conference at The Doon School, December 2013

The Doon School is delighted to launch its first Yoga Conference in early December.

Yoga is part of the school curriculum and always has been. The Conference is aimed at yoga teachers and those interested in learning more about the art and science that forms the basis of what yoga is all about. Speakers include some of the country’s leading yoga experts as well as scientists and medical practioners. For more details please view the conference brochure.Yoga Conference

Junior swimmers selected for nationals

Many congratulations to: 1. Tanay Gopal Agarwal from Hyderabad House 2. Anish Bhinde from Martyn House

They have been selected to participate in the SGFI Tournament in December 2013.

The Doon School junior swimming team was placed 3rd in IPSC Swimming Competition.

For more results please view www.dpsrkp.net

Samarjit Singh talks of Doon’s support

Samarjit Singh who is shooting for India and is in Class 10 from Kashmir House spoke of the school’s support in a recent article in the Himanchal Times.(please scan it)

‘I have been fortunate enough to get into a prestigious school like The Doon School. Here the atmosphere is very congenial to develop talent of any kind. The school gives full opportunity to take up any sport and is very cooperative in giving leave to go and participate in any championship. It takes care of my studies when I return to school after my sports tours and helps me make up the loss of time by giving me extra help with my work’.

Junior tennis team wins IPSC Gold medal in the IPSC Tennis Championship in the U14 category

For the first time in recent school history the U14 tennis team won this event and the school congratulates the boys:

Viksit Verma from Martyn House Aayush Chaudhary,in Foot House Harshit Bansal from Tata House and Ishaan Vaish from Kashmir House. In the individual category Viksit Verma won a Bronze medal.

In the Under 19 category, the school team won a Silver medal. The team comprised of Siddhart Bhardwaj, Arush Sood, Devang Mehra and Shivan Tondon.

The school team were joint winners of the IPSC tournament with DPS R K Puram, New Delhi.

More Doscos shoot at national level

Following Abinhav Bhindra who shot at the Olympics and current pupil Samarjit Singh who is playing for India now, three more boys have been inspired to follow in their foot prints. In the All India G.V. Mavalankar Shooting Competition 2013 the reuslts were as follows:

Kismat Chopra (Hyderabad House)

Silver medal in the Delhi State Shotgun trap

4th position in the Pre-Nationals

Qualified for the National Shooting Championship in Delhi

Naadir Singh (Tata House)

Qualified for the National Shooting Championship

Representing Punjab for the Shotgun Skeet

Arjun Singh Mann (Jaipur House)

5th position in the Shotgun Skeet

Qualified for the Nationals – representing Delhi State

Oberoi House has won the inter- house first aid competition for 2013

Best first aider award is won by Josh Pasricha from Jaipur House Jaipur House won the Junior Cup for the inter- house table tennis competition and are first position for the House Cup. Tata House won the Senior Cup. Jaipur House won the Senior Cup for inter- house basketball and Tata House for the Junior Cup. Kashmir and Hyderabad House are joint winners of the inter- house badminton competition. Individual results are as follows:

  • Junior category: Jehan Jhavesi from Jaipur House
  • Medium category: Akaarsh Tiberwal from Hyderabad House
  • Senior category: Kabir Sethi from Hyderabad House

IPSC Athletics and District Athletics Competition Results 2013

In the U19 category, the school team performed at the IPSC Athletics Competition from 8th to 10thNovember 2013. Siddarth Sarin from Tata House, Varun Sinha from Hyderabad House and Kartikey from Hyderabad House performed well for the school.

At the District Athletics Competition held in the RIMC on 9th and 10th November a young team gained several silver medals and one gold. The results were as follows: Silver medals went to:

  • Suyash Bishnoi from Hyderabad House in the U20 High Jump
  • Yasser Iqbal from Tata House in the U20 800 metres
  • Yash Kuldeep Mishra from Hyderabad House in the U16 High Jump
  • Arjun Kamdar from Oberoi House in the U18 High Jump
  • Pratyush Bharti from Kashmir House in the U16 Shot Put

Congratulations to Aruwnabh Utkarsh, from Oberoi House who won Gold in the Discus event in the U16 category.

Martyn and Foot House sports fixtures

On 6th November, Martyn House beat Foot House 5-0 in a series of badminton and Martyn produced crushing victories. On 12th November, Foot and Martyn House went head to head in the singles and doubles of the table tennis fixtures. Martyn beat Foot 3-1 in the singles category and a very close match with Martyn defeated Foot in the final game by 2-1. Parth Agarwal, Anuman Goel, Aditya Kapoor and Aditya Gupta who produced some excellent performances.