Message from the Chairman of the Board

Dear Prospective Parents

I am delighted that you are considering The Doon School for your son. For almost eighty years the school has been specializing in educating boys, aged 12 to 18, in a boarding environment. The school’s aim has been to get them to fulfill their potential as interesting and interested young men who will leave a positive legacy to their school and make their positive mark in the world.

As with all educational institutions of quality, a Doon School education can never be taken away from your son and it is perhaps the best investment and gift you can give him and your family.

That investment does, however, come at a price. As with all things of quality, a Doon School education is not a cheap option. To continue to invest in quality staff and facilities is imperative to ensure that the quality of education that the school produces does not suffer or fall behind in an increasingly competitive world. It affects your son directly. As you will have seen from the website and your communication with school, we offer means-tested awards. However, like almost every peer group of schools nationally and internationally, we cannot afford to be completely needs blind. I am therefore bringing to your attention the fact that the school fees will rise annually to meet the increasing costs of providing your son with an education of quality in and out of the classroom. In your financial planning, it is important that you do allow for this.

We are no different from other schools or universities worldwide and it is only right and fair that I alert you to this fact. Should you require any financial clarification or assistance, please do not hesitate to contact the school in advance of your son’s arrival to further understand the financial assistance on offer and how the school can assist you in this matter.

With all good wishes,

G Thapar

Chairman of Governors

Offer of a place

Once a place has been offered to a boy and his parents have accepted it formally and settled the acceptance fee, the school will then begin a comprehensive communication program with each family with a wide range of information and publications outlining everything he and the family need to know about the school prior to arrival. This will include full details of the induction day for the families and the induction week for the boys.

All prospective parents are politely requested to note that the school’s decision to admit boys as well as to request them to leave is final.