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Boys win at Waterloo: University of Waterloo International Mathematics Awards 2015

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Posted on : May 5, 2015
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62590 students from over 1500 schools participated in the Pascal, Cayley and Fermat Mathematics contests 2015 organized by the Centre for Education in Mathematics and Computing, University of Waterloo, Canada.

The following boys from B form have been awarded certificates of distinction for being ranked in the top 25% of the 62590 students in the Pascal contest:

From B form congratulations to the following boys:

  • Aradhya Singhal from Hyderabad House
  • Kushagra Bansal from Kashmir House
  • Raghav Saboo from Oberoi House
  • Prabhav Maheshwari from Jaipur House
  • Kanishkh Kanodia from Oberoi House
  • Dhaiarya Rastogi from Tata House
  • Ritik Chamola from Jaipur House
  • Abhiraj Lamba from Oberoi House
  • Kunal Gupta from Oberoi House
  • Raghav Dalmia from Jaipur House
  • Anant Jain from Hyderabad House
  • Raghav Grover from Tata House
  • Anuman Goel from Oberoi House
  • Adithya Kapoor from Hyderabad House
  • Mahip Agarwal from Kashmir House
  • Devansh Rawat from Oberoi House
  • Gunit Mittal from Tata House
  • Aaditya Gupta from Hyderabad House

Congratulations to the following A form boys who have been awarded certificates of distinction for being ranked in the top 25% of all contestants in the Cayley contest:

  • Omar Christi
  • Suchet Khurana
  • Harshit Bansal
  • Aditya Oberai
  • Mihir Gupta

The medals for school champions are awarded to Aradhya Singhal in the Pascal contest and to Omar Chishti in the Cayley contest.

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