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ISC and ICSE Nikhil Gupta Charitable Trust Scholarships 2013

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Posted on : September 7, 2013

This scholarship is given to pupils who have secured the highest marks in English and highest average marks in Mathematics and Science in the ISC and ISCE examinations.

Many congratulations to Vidit Sidhana from Oberoi House who was awarded the scholarship for the highest mark in English.

Vidit achieved 97% in English. He is currently at SRCC his first choice university.

Congratulations also go to Mahak Sharma from Tata House who was awarded the scholarship for securing the highest average marks 97.3% in Mathematics and Science. Please note that the Science mark consists of Physics and Chemistry. Mahak is currently studying at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology on a scholarship and it is her first choice university.


For English, the award is being shared between thirteen boys who all achieved the highest English mark of 94%. They are:

Aditya Bhattachrya from Kashmir House

Aditya Gandhi from Jaipur House

Pulkit Agarwal from Hyderabad House

Varun Narain Sinha from Hyderabad House

Vireshwar Singh Sidhu from Hyderabad House

Kartikeya Jain from Oberoi House

Armaan Iman from Oberoi House

Abhinav Kejriwal from Jaipur House

Divyansh Goel from Hyderabad House

Rajkumar Vijay from Hyderabad House

Ayush Tripathi from Jaipur House

Suyash Raj Shrivam from Jaipur House

Yuvraj Nathani from Hyderabad House

Congratulations to Pulkit Agarwal, from Hyderabad House who achieved the award for the highest average in Mathematics and Science of 96.5%. Please note that the Science mark consists of Physics and Chemistry.

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