Message from the Chairman of the Board

Dear Parents and Old Boys

I take this opportunity to introduce myself and lay out the focus for School and the Board of Governors for the next three and a half years. I also want to take this opportunity to thank the previous Chairman, Analjit Singh, for his leadership of the Board of Governors and contribution to the School, and express my appreciation to the members of the Indian Public School Society (IPSS) in selecting me as Chairman to succeed Analjit.

There are a number of initiatives that have been taken by the school in the past few years. Some are visible in the physical infrastructure that has been created in Chandbagh, others, perhaps not so visible but equally important, are also impacting the school in various ways.

The promise and quality of education that the school must deliver has to be supported by actions that allow the school to deliver them sustainably and permanently. This required a Doon School Development Plan which, I am glad to say, was adopted by the IPSS in 2011 and can be obtained from the Development and Alumni Relations Office. The plan puts the boys and their education at the heart of the school. This may sound simple and obvious, but once we look at what we need to do to achieve this goal, it is a task that will require a very large effort, support and generosity on behalf of the Chandbagh community. While the task is great, my job as Chairman, and that of the Board, is made simpler by the adoption of the Development Plan 2011-2020. There is enough to do without finding new directions to take.

At the heart of the Board’s work will be the Education Committee. The focus of my term as Chairman will be on the ‘innards’ of the school—quality and training of teachers; school calendar changes (partly initiated) so that boys will have time to do more; strengthening the ability of the school to provide quality instruction for the dual systems of IB and ISC; ensuring that the School’s fundraising continues to focus on the goal of making entry to The Doon School needs-blind (we should be able to financially support any boy from any background to come and study at the school, without concern about the financial burden on the individual or the school); building a corpus of funds that allows the school to mitigate increases in fees while supporting scholarship; bringing greater transparency to the governance of the school (hence initiatives such as launching Chandbagh newsletter) and ensuring that all masters are housed on campus as they are a critical aspect of the boys’ pastoral care at school.

While the list may be long, they are all part of the Development Plan and put the boys and their lives at school at the centre.

In our current Headmaster, Peter McLaughlin, we have the right person in place to lead this complex task of implementation. He has the full support of the Board and will need the support and input of the Chandbagh community. I look forward to that support.

The momentum towards our goals gathered under Analjit’s chairmanship will continue with me. I invite each one of you to play your part in keeping The Doon School the pre-eminent school in India and making it one of the truly great schools of the world. I look forward to your inputs, communications and to meeting you whenever possible as we continue our journey towards our vision.


Gautam Thapar, 200-HB ’79