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A First for Doon and India: Trip to the Antarctic, December 2015

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Posted on : January 23, 2016

Among many of the school trips and events that took place in the winter holidays was a first for the school in the shape of an adventure to the Antarctic which was a collaborative event organised by the Geography and Science departments. Four of the five houses were represented on this trip that saw boys head to Argentina and the group flew for Ushuaia which was the southernmost city of the world and checked into the Las Hayas Resort. The boys experienced the scenic and beautiful snow covered mountain city of Ushuaia. The trip also included a guided tour to Tierra del Fuego National Park was organized and the boys captured amazing views of the Beagle Channel, the mountain landscape, the glacial valley of Andes, while learning about the local flora, fauna and the old Indian settlements. The boys also went to see the last train station in the world. The group experienced the Errera Channel, which was a scenic, narrow waterway between Rongé Island and the Arctowski Peninsula on the mainland. Errera is home to Danco and Cuverville Islands. Landing at Danco Island saw a Gentoo penguin colony of 1,600 breeding pairs, Antarctic terns, blue-eyed shags, snowy sheathbills, kelp gulls, and brown skuas breed. Neko, features an Argentine refuge hut and a Gentoo penguin colony onshore. It is also one of the rare places in the Antarctic Peninsula area where one can come ashore on the Antarctic mainland. The group hiked up the hill to the penguin rookery for an amazing view of Andvord. The glacier across the tiny harbour is very active and creates very impressive but dangerous waves. The group did their camping activity at Neko Harbour and the boys helped other campers to build their tent house and also assisted the expedition team to build the common washroom facilities for the campers for which the boys were appreciated by the whole cruise staff. The boys also shared their social initiatives in India as part of their curriculum. The group spent the night at Antarctica at the camp. The scientists led by Dr. Craig Smith of the Fjordeco Project from the US Research Station. He took a session with the group to tell them about the researches happening at Antarctica. This was an outstanding opportunity for the boys to see this area of the globe for themselves.

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