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A parent: ‘I would like to thank the school for hosting MCC at Doon’

A parent: ‘I would like to thank the school for hosting MCC at Doon’

The school welcomed eighty boys to the second MCC pre-season cricket training in preparation for the school season. Boys came from all over India including Pune and Indore as well as those who are prospective candidates for The Doon School’s entrance examination in 2015. The intense preparation saw the boys improving their skill and their fitness and benefit from the school’s Pitch Vision technology, the first of its kind in a school in India. Feedback from the parents included:

‘This was indeed a great experience for Ishaan and he thoroughly enjoyed it.’

‘At the onset we appreciate The Doon School undertaking to offer such a compact training programme. The timing was perfect. Our son Arjun Singh Bajwa had already geared me up and I had installed a bowling machine and a pitch for him at home with all the gear. Being an unseasoned player, he was swinging his bat in the preparation for the training session.

As part of the MCC Cricket Training, we kept a close watch on his enthusiasm. One evening we met him totally drenched after his session. The game must go on. I know from my soccer sessions in school, we played like crazy during the rainy season and in the hills in Nanital, it rained almost every day.

The fact that a group was involved in a mentoring approach, was a big takeaway. The fact that the boys played from morning to evening was bigger takeaway. No sport extends through the day like cricket’.

Feedback from the boys included:

Pradyut: ‘My favourite part of the course was the fielding drill because it was really interesting and it has really improved my fielding. Pitch Vision was really helpful because I could see the mistakes I’m making and correct them.’

Paras: ‘I learnt that fielding is a essential part of cricket which I never took seriously. The tournaments were the best part of the camp.

Pitch Vision improved my bowling action which I taught was right and it gave me my accurate speed’.