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All-India IPSC Athletics Championship

The Doon School’s Athletics Team Triumphs at All-India IPSC Athletics Championship!

In a spectacular display of athleticism, our School Athletics Team achieved history in the making at the prestigious All-India IPSC Athletics Championship hosted at Punjab Public School, Nabha. With a lean, mean squad of just 13 exceptional boys, our champions brought home the coveted championship trophy in the boys’ category!

Let’s take a closer look at the medal winners who left their mark and made us all proud:

1. Gold in 4×100 meters Relay – Neil Bulchandani, Shardul Raghuvanshi, Raghuraaj Singh Sodhi, and Udathveer Pasricha showcased lightning speed and teamwork, clinching the top spot in this thrilling event!

2. Gold in 4×400 meters Relay – The same dynamic quartet, Neil Bulchandani, Raghuraaj Singh Sodhi, Rahul Oram, and Udathveer Pasricha, once again rose to the occasion, securing another gold in the relay!

3. Gold in 200 meters – Udathveer Pasricha, a true speedster, left no room for doubt by clinching the gold. He also bagged a Silver in the 400 meters, showing his versatility and incredible talent.

4. Gold in 100 meters – Neil Bulchandani proved his mettle, taking the top spot in the 100 meters. He also claimed a Bronze in the 200 meters.

5. Gold in Long Jump – Ananat Jain soared through the air and landed straight with a Gold in his incredible performance in the Long Jump event!

6. Silver in High Jump – Dhruv Murugappan defied gravity with his silver-winning high jump performance, showcasing his remarkable skills.

7. Silver in Javelin Throw – Shashank Dhiman displayed precision and power, earning a well-deserved silver in Javelin throw.

8. Bronze in 800 meters Run – Jai Shamshere Rana proved his endurance and determination, claiming the bronze in the 800 meters run.

But the success doesn’t end with the medal winners! Let’s give a huge round of applause to these young talents who contributed significantly to our team’s overall achievement:

1. Kovid Kagdee – A double threat, finishing 4th in both the 110 meters hurdle and 400 meters hurdle.
2. Raghuraaj Singh Sodhi – Not just a relay star, but also secured a 5th place in the 400 meters.
3. Neil Rohan Bulchandani – Versatile and determined, finishing 5th in the Long Jump.

This remarkable performance is a testament to the hard work, dedication, and teamwork of our athletes. The Doon School Athletics Team has truly set the bar high and continues to make us proud.

Congratulations to all the athletes, coaches, and masters for this historic victory!