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Doon School Boy in Google Science Fair Top 100 List

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Tejit Pabari, a class 12 student of The Doon School,  recently published an original research paper titled “A Study on the Solar Illumination provided by a Water Bottle” in an International Peer-Reviewed Open-Access Journal called – Journal of Basic and Applied Engineering Research (JBAER). He presented his paper at the International Conference On “Natural/Applied Sciences, Environmental Engineering and Clean Energy Technologies for Sustainable Development” (SYNERGY-2016)” at Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi.

He studied the efficiency of a water bottle attached to a rooftop in scattering light inside the house. His study proves that the ‘Litre Of Light’ bottle (as it is famously known) is a better option than just covering a  hole in the ceiling with a glass plate to providing free solar illumination in accommodation which are otherwise very dark,  even during daytime.

He was the only school student to present a paper in a conference where other presenters were usually M.Tech students from Delhi University and even IIT Delhi.

With the same project, Tejit Pabari  also become a Regional Finalist (one of the top 100 to be selected from thousands of entries from all over the world) in the Google Science Fair 2016. He was unable to  make it to the Global Finalists (top 16 in the whole world)  for which the Grand Prize winner receives $50,000 in scholarship funding.

Nonetheless, being the Regional Finalist itself is a great achievement for him. He has done the school and the state proud.