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Dosco Physicists Work at CERN, June 2015

Dosco Physicists Work at CERN, June 2015


The internship is a once in a lifetime opportunity for the boys to get involved in the day-to-day work of world’s leading scientists at one of the world’s most advanced research facility. Boys attended lectures, demonstrations, discussions and visit across CERN facilities working with scientists and engineers in the laboratory.

It was a weeklong certified programme designed specifically for students to help them learn more about Particle Physics and Astronomy. It is one of the most prestigious programmes available those who study science.

Dr. Archana Sharma was the Coordinator of the internship and organized the entire programme in close association with Dr. Mick Storr.

 Guest Speakers included:

1) Dr. Archana Sharma, CERN

2) Dr. Mick Storr, University of Birmingham & CERN

3) Dr. John Ellis, King’s College London & CERN

4) Dr. Ian Bird at Data Centre, CERN

5) Dr. Michael Doser, Anti-matter specialist, CERN

6) Dr. Vinod Chouhan, CERN

7) Mr. Achintya Rao, Science Communication, CERN

8) Dr. Mitra, Crystal Laboratory, CERN

9) Dr. Sparsh, Medical Applications, CERN

10) Dr. David Barney, Detectors, CERN

11) Dr. Mangluki Django, Accelerators, CERN

Dr. Archana Sharma was the coordinator of the internship and organized the entire programme in close association with Dr. Mick Storr. Some of the highlights of the programme were as follows:

 The fundamental concepts were set in by Dr. Jihn Ellis who is a very senior scientist and a pioneer of a theory name SUSY (Super Symmetry). In the event of SUSY’s experimental validation Dr. Ellis may get Nobel, as they say. Others who were involved in developing basic knowledge were Dr. Barney and Dr. Django who talked about detectors and accelerators respectively.

 The Data Centre visit was packed with technological surprises as the amount of data collection and its processing is simply mind boggling.

 The field visit to the snti-matter factory was an exciting experience for the boys who were not only intrigued by the subject but equally mesmerized by Dr. Michael Doser. He explained the production and the use of anti-matter dispelling several doubts.

 It was really very encouraging to attend interactions with young Indian scientists Dr. Mitra and Dr. Sparsh who exposed the complex working of the crystal detectors and the medical applications of the particle beams. Another interesting talk was given by Mr. Achintya Rao who works as a Science Communicator at CERN. This was for sure a new career opportunity for all interns.

 Apart from the regular classes and interactions there was hands-on laboratory work on detection of cosmic rays, visits to LINAC, ATLAS and CMS which are main hubs of scientific research. Other important visits were the Cryogenic facility and the newest ground station of International Space Station (ISS) detectors in France.

CERN is willing to invite young Indian students who are highly focused and motivated to pursue core Physics in future. Recently the Government of India has finally approved India’s becoming an Associate member of CERN and so Dr. Sharma and other Indian connections are working many such opportunities.