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Dosco’s deal with road safety

Taking forward the global effort spearheaded by the UNO, two boys of The Doon School have started an initiative regarding road safety. Madhav Khirwar, inspired by the work of a Chandigarh-based NGO called ArriveSafe, has started an awareness campaign along with his colleague, Rahil Chamola. This year their focus has been especially on ensuring safety for children and there is a UN initiative to put spotlight on avoidable road crashes in which innocent children get killed.  There is still very little awareness about children’s safety on the roads.

For example, it is unsafe for children below the age of twelve to sit in the front seat of a four wheeler. Also, the use of car seats for babies and toddlers are still not popular despite the fact that carrying them in the lap can be fatal in case of an accident. Madhav, along with his classmate Rahil Chamola, has been able to organize an initiative on road safety, making the following plan for the Road Safety week. The boys have signed on the behalf of the school as a whole, an spread awareness throughout Dehradun as well.
Madhav, with the help of Rahil, organized an event at the Pacific Mall which involved both the boys sitting outside of the building for the long hours of the afternoon, collecting signatures to raise awareness among as many citizens of the city as possible. They also clicked photographs with citizens who signed the declaration, with the #SAVEKIDSLIVES.

The boys are also planning to hold an awareness walk in collaboration with the Dehradun Police, in order to reach out with their message to as ay people as possible.
The initiative undertaken by Madhav and Rahil is a unique and selfless one, and their mandate states the following, “Non-profit, no-donation awareness campaign for the people of India.”