A1. The Doon School Scholarship Examination.

A2. A chance to study at The Doon School on a scholarship in case you are a meritorious candidate The amount of financial aid will be determined by the Scholarship committee based on the documents provided by the parents.

A3. Yes, The Doon School is an all boys residential school

A4. Class VII entry and Class VIII entry

A5. 11 – 12 years on 30th September 2023 – For Class VII entry & 12 – 13 years on 30th September 2023 – For Class VIII entry

A6. 16th July, 2023

A7. Case Study & Reasoning, English and Mathematics.

A8. Mode of examination will be an online examination

A9. The format will be MCQ (Multiple-Choice Question)

A10. 45 mins each subject

A11. Visit our Website –

  1. Fill Online Registration Form
  2. Pay the Registration Fee Online

A12. Rs 100/-

A13. No. Successful candidates will be eligible to appear for the Main Admissions Test which will take place on 1st October, 2023.

A14. Yes. The candidate can appear for the Main Admission Test after paying the Registration Fee (29,000 INR- 36,000 INR) as per the School’s Admissions Policy.

A15. Yes, however, your registration fee will not be refunded.

A16. The Scholarship amount will be decided by the committee after reviewing all the financial documents submitted by the parents/guardians of the candidate.

A17. No. This exam is only for Indian citizens residing in India only.

A18. Once the candidate successfully clears the DSSE he is then eligible to appear for The Doon School Main Admission Test. Although the parents do not have to pay The Doon School registration fee for the main admission test they still have to bear the expense that may be needed for them to travel to the nearest examination centre.

A19. As per NCERT guidelines for English and Mathematics

  1. For Class VI appearing for Class VII examination
  2. For Class VII appearing for Class VIII examination
  3. For “Case Study & Reasoning“ – We do not expect the child to prepare. All answers should be spontaneous and reflect the true nature of the candidate.


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