Q.1 How does the school deal with the teething problems of the child when he joins school?
A.1 There is a well established system in place to support, guide and handhold the student through the initial phase.

Q.2 How does the school help him overcome the problem of inferiority complex if it arises?
A.2 As stated in the mission statement the school has a policy of egalitarianism and all are treated equally.

Q.3 What is the minimum required percentage/marks to clear the first level exam ?
A.3 It is going to be merit based – we may take in 20, 30 or even 40 for the main entrance test.

Q.4 What are the special steps school will take to help a child in English and in Hindi ?
A.4 There are teachers there to help out.

Q.5 How should I prepare for the reasoning and personal skills paper?
A.5 Essentially no preparation is required. Authentic responses are expected for this paper. However, one may like to refer to some basic verbal and non-verbal reasoning questions (available in some reasoning olympiad books meant for grade 7 students). To understand the type of questions that can be asked in reasoning section please refer to if link of page for reasoning paper syllabus outline can be provided here

Q.6 Will the child study a board different from the present school ?
A.6 The school offers IGCSE (International General Certificate of Secondary Education) till Grade 10th followed by ISC(Indian School Certificate) and IB (International Baccalaureate) thus providing sufficient choice suitable for various career prospects.

Q.7 How does the school provide support to students when they finish their schooling at Doon?
A.7 There is an active career counselling unit in school to guide students on career choices. School has an enabling environment to encourage students to achieve their potential and help is available for the deserving candidate.

Q.8 How will the child gain differently from The Doon School?
A.8 The school has one of the best learning opportunities and facilities available in India. There is a tremendous growth in the personality and skill development of the child to take his rightful place as an equal in the future.

Q.9 What will be the syllabus for the science papers?
A.9 The syllabus is based on the middle school contents and skills prescribed by NCERT for grades 6th and 7th. However, the questions will test the candidates for their scientific thinking and aptitude rather than on memorized contents. In Doon School, we are looking for academic excellence among our students so we value the skills and concepts more than the content itself.

Q.10 What kind of questions can we expect in the science papers?
A.10 The paper will consist of multiple choice questions and responses based on images, diagrams and texts provided in the paper. The candidates will also be tested on their skills of making scientific diagrams and their open-ended and critical thinking skills.

Q.11 How different is the school’s curriculum from the national curriculum for sciences?
A.11 For grades 7 and 8 (D and C forms) we follow our own Doon School Curriculum in our school. The curriculum is designed by taking essential components covering the national and international curricula with an objective to prepare students for the IGCSE and IB/ISC curriculum. All students who join us eventually do really well adapting to these curricula in their higher forms.

Q.12 What would be the future of my child’s education after school?
A.12 The school would provide assistance in career counselling and college/university fee.

Q.13 How will my child coming from a background like ours adjust in the school?
A.13 Achievers gain acceptance very quickly amongst boys. Moreover there is a Deputy pastoral head ,housemaster, tutor and counselor to look into such pastoral issues.

Q.14 What expenses will the scholarship cover?
A.14 All expenses including travel to and from school train journeys.

Q.15 What will we as parents have to pay for?
A.15 If the child loses his belongings, books etc.

Q.16 What are the hostel facilities like?
A.16 Boys have a spartan life. They are provided a bed, table,chair and small cupboard to keep their clothes and toiletries.

Q.17 What are the extracurricular activities in school?
A.17 The Doon school provides a very rich and wide range of activities – please go to the website.

Q.18 If my child is good in any sport or particular activity, how will his skill be enhanced by school?
A.18 There are coaches and instructors/ teachers for this.

Q.19 What are the main languages spoken in school?
A.19 Mainly English and Hindi

Q.20 What is the punishment system in school?
A.20 Punishments are in the form of sanctions, mild and cause only inconvenience.

Q.21 What if my child feels homesick?
A.21 There is a whole pastoral team to look into it.

Q.22 What is the daily routine of a boy in school?
A.22 Please look up the website

Q.23 What is the uniform in school?
A.23 There is a winter and summer uniform. There are different uniforms for classes, games and dinner and of course a night suit.


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