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Registration Fees

For prospective parents looking for Class VII or Class VIII admission for their ward, please contact Admissions Office.

How to register your son? You may register your son any time after his birth. Please note that the registration fees are current fees.

Registration Form: To download the Registration Form, Please Click Here

Registration is completed on:
(i) Submission of a certified copy of the boy’s birth certificate
(ii) Payment of the Registration fee, by Demand Draft according to the schedule given below:

Age Fee For Overseas Registration
Up to 3 years Rs. 12000/- $ 600 US Dollars
3 – 5 years Rs. 15000/- $ 850 US Dollars
5 – 7 years Rs. 18500/- $ 1000 US Dollars
7 – 9 years Rs. 22000/- $ 1300 US Dollars
9 – 11 years Rs. 29000/- $ 1500 US Dollars
11 – 13 years Rs. 36000/- $ 1800 US Dollars

Registration does not guarantee admission.

IR (Indian Resident) registration fee includes a charge of Rs. 1000 for the registration form.

Click Here for Online Fee Payment