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Foot House mid-term excursion to Chakrata Mountains

The Chakrata Mountains five-day excursion was an unforgettable adventure for 38 boys and their five masters from Foot House. From October 18th to October 22nd, they explored the natural beauty of the region.

Upon arriving at Snow View Hotel at 9400 feet, the boys immediately embarked on a thrilling 5-kilometer trek to Chirmiri Peak, offering breathtaking mountain and valley views. The second day featured a 10-kilometer hike to Tiger Falls, allowing the boys to connect with nature and marvel at the 50-meter high waterfall. They enjoyed a bowl of Maggi and an evening of bonfire, music, and Antakshari.

On the third day, they visited Lakhamandal, known for its historic temple to Lord Shiva. The highlight was the gleaming Shivling. Day four led them to Budher Caves, a 7-kilometer trek through pristine nature. The caves held geological and mythological significance. The excursion ended with a delicious lunch at Madhuban Hotel, leaving them with cherished memories of Chakrata Mountains.