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Maths department hosts training day

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Posted on : September 7, 2013

The Doon School has a full time teacher training function which has been established to provide ongoing training for all teachers and support staff as part of the school’s development plan. As part of the school’s mission to serve India, the school also supports training and development in collaboration with other schools. On Monday August 26 2013, Mr. Manu Mehrotra conducted a workshop for the mathematics teachers teaching classes 7 to 12. The title of the workshop was ‘Questioning as a Teaching Tool’. The key focus of the day was to encourage teachers to understand the purpose of questioning and how it should not be used to only to align student thinking with a teacher’s thinking but used to raise the process of educational enquiry. The workshop also looked at the research behind this aspect of learning. Schools involved included: The Scindia School Gwalior and local schools such as Welham Girls School, Unison World School, Hopetown School, Shishya Society, and Grace Academy.