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Young MUN was held from January 21st-24th 2016 at the beautiful campus of Yale University, in New Haven, CT. At YMUN, The Doon School delegation comprising of ten Doscos met with  over 1500 delegates from all over the world through debate and diplomacy and work to solve some of the most complex and pressing challenges facing the world today. Centered upon the mission “Learn Today, Lead Tomorrow,” YMUN provided every delegate with the most inspiring, dynamic and enriching educational experience. Delegates developed skills in diplomacy, cooperation and critical thinking. They left YMUN with the knowledge and motivation that they can make an impact and affect positive change in the world.

The YMUN experience went beyond the committee sessions, hosted at the heart of Yale University. YMUN gave the delegates and advisors a chance to experience Yale. The Yale Day programme, Global Exchange Programme, as well as the Yale Showcase, give the  boys exposure to Yale’s professors, extracurricular groups and resources.

The Doon School delegation also visited the United Nations headquarters in New York .Grand Central, 9/11 memorials and the Statue of liberty were also visited.

Boys were in B form and had an early opportunity to see one of the world’s finest university.