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NASA trip

A group of nine boys escorted by a master went on an educational trip to NASA during the summer break.  The mission was to successfully launch a weather balloon and recover meteorological data during a five day learning programme at the Kennedy Space Center. They programmed the flight computer responsible for the data recovery from the balloon and finalized the date to launch the weather balloon. Apart from creating the parachute for the balloon, the boys also finalized the list of experiments to be conducted and designed programs fit for the purpose. The launch was successful and the balloon attained a height of ninety five thousand feet as indicated by the monitors.

They were permitted to explore the KSC campus, took a tour of the facility by bus and even dined with an astronaut! Other interactions included that with an esteemed scientist about space time dilation; they experienced simulations of earthquakes and hurricanes, watched an educational 3D film on the low earth orbit which featured live recordings from The International Space Station as well as another  film on how NASA plans to accomplish a manned space flight to Mars. The boys also visited Orlando, Washington DC, Niagara Falls and New York where they visited all the important tourist landmarks of each location.