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National Science Day 2024: Indigenous Technologies for Viksit Bharat

In a collaborative effort between The Doon School & Unison World School (UWS), National Science Day 2024 was celebrated. Students from both schools collaborated on the theme ‘Science for a Sustainable Future.’ With a hands-on workshop on Soap and Sanitizer production, 20 girls from UWS, guided by their science educators Ms. Sakshi Chatwal and Ms. Jasleen Kaur, engaged in practical experiments at The Doon School’s Chemistry labs.
Dr. Jagpreet Singh, the headmaster of The Doon School, provided inspirational closing remarks, emphasizing the importance of collaborative scientific endeavours.

Additionally, twenty students from The Doon School, guided by Mr. Parvinder Kumar and Mr. Manjot Singh, participated in an innovative activity, crafting upcycled VR 3D glasses using cardboard and convex lenses at UWS.

This collaboration not only promoted experiential learning but also showcased the power of teamwork in scientific exploration. The event received unwavering support from The Doon School NEST Society, the science faculty, and laboratory staff, contributing to an enriching environment for scientific curiosity.