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Old Boy Climbs the Mountains, April 2015

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Posted on : April 9, 2015

Capt. Ankur Bahl aged 54 a Doon School alumni from 1976 and his wife Sangeeta Sindhi Bahl 50 , Sacred Heartian , two business professionals with a passion that have taken them to scaling heights like never before. They addressed The Doon School boys on Saturday 28th March. The talk was attended by boys in class 8, 9 & 12. The session was presided over the secretary of the Doon School’s Historical Circle Naadir Singh. They gave a very interesting and inspiring talk well supported by slides and anecdotes .
Ankur was 50 years and Sangeeta was 46 when they decided to pursue the 7 summits of the world in 2011.

A summary of their achievements as illustrated in their talk is given below:

Captain Bahl’s son has just started at the school in Class 7 at the start of April.

They have completed:

Mount Kilimanjaro 19341 feet, highest peak on Africa on 31st December 2011

Mount Elbrus 18500 feet the highest peak in Europe on 18th July 2013

Mount Vinson 16000 feet the highest peak in Antarctica on 18th January 2014

Mount Mckinley 20320 feet the highest peak in North America on 8th June 2014. Ankur reached the summit and Sangeeta became injured and had to turn back. She returns to climb in June 2015.

Mount Aconcagua 22347 the highest peak in South America on 28th December 2014 for Ankur.

On 23rd January 2015 Sangeeta who had a marvellous climb, post knee operation and rehabilitation after less than 6 months she climbed the highest ever.

Their dream of climbing high will continue.Despite the age and they will continue to inspire both men and women as they are setting up to be the oldest Indian couple in the world to do so.

Old Boys
Old Boys