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Posted on : December 8, 2014

By Tim Edgar, Head of Foundation at Arts University Bournemouth

The tradition in the UK and international art universities has been that school graduates to undertake a year of foundation studies prior to progressing to the BA level study in the creative fields. Nonetheless, feedback from students in India, shows that many wish to avoid foundation studies and progress directly to BA courses instead. This could be achieved if students received guidance on what UK universities are looking for in a portfolio.

Tim Edgar, Head of Foundation Studies at Arts University Bournemouth (AUB), is a lead examiner for the national UK UAL Foundation award. Nobody is better placed to teach students about what it takes to produce a portfolio for creative higher studies in the UK.

Tim conducted a workshop at Doon School on 17th September 2014. In the workshop, students were guided in the delivery of a single project (the making of a concertina book). The full process that universities are looking for in portfolios is covered in the project – idea generation, to making the book, photographing it and providing notation. A general presentation on UK portfolio requirements was also provided. Students came away with a completed concertina book, photographs to use in their portfolios and a much better idea of what it takes to get admission directly to creative BA courses in the UK.

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