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Record Board results in 2013

Congratulations to Parth Gupta from Tata House and Vidit Sadana from Oberoi House who are joint toppers this year in the ISC examination. They scored 97.25%.Parth Gupta has a 120% scholarship to study at The University of Hong Kong, where he wishes to study science and Vidit Sadana, who will be applying to Delhi University. A full university destination list for India will be available at the end of July once all the boys have been made their offers.

The school is delighted to announce that its school average (without EVE) has gone up again this year to 87.48%. Nearly 60% of the boys achieved 90%+ at ISC in 2013.

At ICSE, 94% of the boys achieved 80% and above. Congratulations go to the ISCE boys who achieved an 88.59% average this year. The two joint toppers this year were Abhinav Kejriwal and Ayush Tripathi both from Jaipur House and both with 95.8%.

At ICSE, 94% of the year achieved 80% or more.

Again Mathematics dominate the 100% results at ICSE.

The Doon School does not admit any boys after Class 8. The school therefore, does not follow the same policy as many of its boarding and day counterparts nationally and internationally. Many of them operate a highly selective entry policy for new applicants to the school in the last two years.

At ICSE, boys choose a broad range of academically demanding subjects and these include three separate sciences. This is so that boys keep their university and career options open.