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RLSS workshop hosted by The Doon School

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Posted on : September 10, 2017

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The School hosted the 3rd RLSS Workshop from 8 to 10 September, 2017. This Workshop is the only one of its kind in North India, and saw participation from The Hopetown Girls’ School, Welham Girls’ School and The Doon School. It was conducted by Mrs Anez Katre and a group of student Life Guards: Tanay (H), Kushagra (K), Anish (J), Kanishkh (O) and Mehrab (K). Over the course of three days, the participants learnt various techniques required to save a victim from drowning. Moreover, they were also taught basic first-aid that is an essential life skill. The Workshop ended with an exhibition displaying various life saving techniques and competitive RLSS events, which are held every year at the RLSS Nationals.