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Table Tennis Star visits School

Table Tennis with Dosco’s chosen for the SGFI National Games scheduled to be held in Tadepalliguden, West Godavari, and Andhra Pradesh from 2nd-6th October 2014.

The All India IPSC Table Tennis Championship for Boys was held at Welham Boys’ School, Dehradun from 1st September to 4th September 2014. Eleven schools participated in the tournament. The school table tennis team took part in U14, 17 and 19 team and the individual championships.

The school U19 team won all the matches in round one defeating Welham Boys’ School & Scindia School and emerged as the top team. In the semi-finals, the team defeated Raj Kumar College, Rajkot by 3-0 and entered the finals. The team lost to DPS RK Puram in the final match by 1-3 and emerged as Runner Up. The team comprised of Shrey Raj Kapoor of Tata House, Chaitanaya Agarwal and Kanav Agarwal from Jaipur House and Siddhant Gupta from Hyderabad House.

In U17 team championship our team qualified for the semi –finals and lost to DPS RK Purim by 1-3.The team comprised of an all Jaipur House line up with Vineet Purie, Shan Chuwar, Arena Vanish and Hitansh Nagdev. The team achieved third position in the team championship.

In U14 team event, the new team tried their best and made it to the semi-finals. The team lost to the Modern School 0-3. The team comprised of Harshwardhan Agarwal from Jaipur House, Sparsh Agarwal from Hyderabad House, Anuman Goel and Parth Agarwal from Oberoi House.

In the individual championship, Kanav Agarwal & Chaitanya Agarwal gave a brilliant performance and made it to the semi-finals in U19 category and Shrey Raj Kapoor in U19 and Vineet Puri in U17 reached the quarter finals.

Kanav Agarwal, Chaitanya Agarwal, Shrey Raj Kapoor and Vineet Puri have been chosen to represent the IPSC team in their respective categories in the SGFI National School Games scheduled to be held in Tadepalliguden, West Godavari, Andhra Pradesh from 2nd- 6th October 2014.