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The Doon School’s 88th Founder’s Celebrations

The Doon School, an institution renowned for its legacy and unwavering commitment to excellence, celebrated its 88th Founder’s Celebrations from October 12th to 14th, 2023. This extraordinary three-day event was a magnificent blend of tradition, knowledge, and the celebration of its rich legacy.

The festivities commenced with the enthralling Hindi Play, ‘Bhagat Singh Ki Wapsi,’ presented in the school’s Auditorium on the first day. The play, a vivid narrative, was a perfect prelude to a remarkable celebration.

The second day witnessed a spectacular display as the Humanities department hosted an exhibition on the theme ‘Indian Odyssey.’ From space exploration to legal studies, art to yoga, and the design and technology exhibition, the students showcased their year-long endeavours with vibrant and enriching displays. This testament to their passion for learning and creativity set the stage for an eventful day.

The highlight of the day was the annual Holdsworth cricket match between the Present Boys and Old Boys. In an intense showdown, the Old Boys emerged victorious, continuing their tradition of excellence. Following the cricket match, an emotional moment unfolded as a bust dedicated to the legendary The Doon School master, Mr. Gurdiyal Singh, was unveiled. This tribute was graced by Lt Col Mantaj Singh, Mr. Harpal Singh, esteemed family members along with the Headmaster and both current and previous chairmen of the Board, symbolizing a rich history and the enduring legacy of the institution.

Furthermore, classroom inaugurations, Gazebo inauguration by the class of 2008 and a generous gift of a school bus by the Class of 2003 demonstrated the enduring spirit of the Doon community. In the evening, the Chandbagh Debate brought together the Silver Jubilee batch of ’98 and the current boys for a compelling discussion. The topic, ‘This house believes that the school ethos cannot be preserved in a rigorous academic environment,’ sparked engaging conversations and showcased the intellectual prowess of the school. The old boys emerged victorious, and the best debater was recognized.

The evening’s entertainment continued with the English Play, an adaptation of the famous play ‘The 39 Steps,’ directed by Mr. Vinesh Uniyal and performed by the School Dramatics Society, leaving the audience captivated.

The third day of the celebrations featured the annual school fete, ‘The Pagal Gymkhana,’ meticulously organized by Tata House. This vibrant day-long event was a delightful fusion of games, food stalls, and indigenous items, offering a glimpse into the cultural heritage of Uttarakhand.

In the evening, the Founder’s Day Speeches captured the essence of The Doon School’s commitment to the future. Mr. Anoop Bishnoi, Chairman of the Board of Governors, discussed the school’s dedication to academic excellence and curriculum enhancement. Dr. Jagpreet Singh, the Headmaster, expressed heartfelt gratitude to the generous donors who support the school. The Chief Guest, Mr. Arjun Malhotra (Class of 1964), shared valuable life lessons, inspiring students, parents, and teachers alike. The School Captain, Tarun Doss, emphasized the unique emotional bonds that exist between students and teachers at The Doon School, a testament to the school’s ethos.

The event culminated with an annual music performance by the students, a fitting conclusion to a celebration that embraced tradition, knowledge, and culture.

The 88th Founder’s Celebrations at The Doon School showcased the institution’s enduring commitment to excellence, cultural enrichment, and the preservation of its rich legacy. It reaffirmed the school’s role in shaping young minds and honoring its storied past.