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Trinity: Best Results in North India

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Posted on : October 20, 2014

Doscos are North India Trinity Board Musical Best

Congratulations to the boys and the Music School for achieving the best results in North India (Trinity Board divide their results up in to regions) at the end of 2013 and have just released them in June 2014.

The following results were as follows:
Classical Guitar, Grade 2: Vineet Puri, A form, Jaipur House
Piano, Grade 4: Laksh Sharaf, S form, Kashmir House
Drum Kit, Grade 3: Mubaraq Jay Mehta, C form, Oberoi House.

High Distinctions (above 90%) have been obtained by:
Yuvraj Nathani , Piano: Grade 7.
Shourya Varun Kishorepuria: Piano, Grade 6
Krishna Lohiya, Piano: Grade 5
Rishabh Agarwal, Piano: Grade 4
Utkarsh Agarwal, Piano: Grade 2
Rahil Chamola, Piano: Grade 2
Shiven Kumar, Piano: Grade 1

It may be noted that Laksh Sharaf has scored 100% in his Grade 4 Piano examination, making him, of course, a ‘world- topper’.

All boys who took the examinations in Piano, Violin, Guitar, Saxophone and Drum Kit passed.