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Vikram Seth Poetry Recitation Competition

The recently concluded Vikram Seth Poetry Recitation Competition was a mesmerizing display of literary prowess. Seniors Arjun Prakash and Arnav Tiwari clinched the top positions with their powerful renditions of Seth’s poignant verses, celebrating the enduring power of words. Among the juniors, Agastya Mehrotra emerged victoriously, while Yuvaan Grover and Devansh Gupta claimed runner-up titles, infusing humour and depth into their recitations. Judges faced the daunting task of selecting winners from a pool of exceptional performances, showcasing the competition’s high calibre. Amidst the “hurly-burly,” the Master of Ceremonies, Akash Yanglem, offered his ‘lovelorn’ anecdotes, adding depth and inspiration to the event.

The Vikram Seth Junior Statesman Poetry Recitation Competition instils values of literary appreciation, eloquence, and respectful competition among DOSCOs, setting our institution apart by fostering a deep connection with literature, promoting camaraderie, and nurturing academic and artistic excellence. This event not only honoured Vikram Seth’s literary legacy but also cultivated a vibrant community of poetry enthusiasts, deepening our appreciation for the art of spoken word.