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Young Round Square in the USA at The Athenian School

Here are some excerpts from some of the boys:

‘ After the opening ceremony at The Athenian School, we went to the Tech Museum in San Jose, and had a fantastic time while learning about the greenhouse effect and how to prevent it. We also made a solar city using small solar panels and blocks with LEDs. We also made a windmill and experimented on how to make them more efficient. We watched an IMAX movie about things which happen all the time and are always around us but we do not see them because they are either too slow, too fast or too small to be noticed.

After the memorable experience we returned to the school where we were given a keynote speech by Mr. Bob Borchers ex-Apple executive who was a part of the team which designed the first Apple iphone. He talked about innovation and said that it is an idea that changes the way the world works.,After spending two splendid hours at the aquarium, we headed off to the Asilomar Conference Center, where we spent the rest of the conference. We discussed about leadership and how it is often mistaken to be the same as authority in our respective baraza groups. We also spent some time at the beach playing volleyball and Frisbee. We also walked along the shore and climbed rocks to have a better view of the glorious Pacific Ocean. We also did social service by helping the NGO “Stop Hunger Now” and packing 15000 meals using soy, rice and dehydrated vegetables. These packets would be exported to various poor parts of the world to feed the people. The trip was an enlightening one indeed.’