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81st Founder’s Day celebrated

Founder's Day 2016 Chief Guest Founder's Day 2016 Union Minister for Finance and Corporate Affairs, Mr. Arun Jaitley inaugurating School Yearbook

The 81st Founder’s Day of The Doon School was celebrated on October 22nd, 2016 at the Rose Bowl, the school’s open air amphitheatre. The programme was attended by the Union Minister for Finance and Corporate Affairs Arun Jaitley, who as Chief Guest addressed the gathering.  In his speech, he highlighted the new opportunities created for India and its youth in the present, and how both would have to seize them in order to affect the pace of change.  Having alluded to global developments, start-up enterprises, and the need to converge excellence with a perspective of India’s challenges, his speech served as important food-for-thought for the audience, especially the boys who were listening intently.

Seated on stage with the Chief Guest was the Chairman of the school’s Board of Governors Gautam Thapar, who expressed his decision to retire from the board after eight years of service.  As he spoke at his last Founder’s Day programme, he reminisced about the progress the school had made during his years on the board – acknowledgements were made to several persons who had  helped in that effort.  These thoughts were echoed by the Headmaster, Matthew Raggett, in his address to the gathering, which also included a map of the school’s development in the future.

Following the speeches was a vote of thanks by the School Captain, along with a short concert by the student musicians, after which the programme concluded, marking the end of yet another annual celebration and festivities at The Doon School of its mission, achievements and continued existence.

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