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Praise in Press- Summer at Doon

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Posted on : March 5, 2016

ARUNACHAL_TIMES__E-PAPER__05.03..2016 | Shillong Times | Sikkim Express

E - paper The Hindustan Times Mumbai 09.03.16The New Indian Express - All India 21.03.16 The Telegraph - All India Edition 21.03.16untitled untitled The Indian Express - 14.03.2016 14032016_TOIKC_MP_01_2_COL_R1


Dainik Jagran 28.02.16Kalinga Mail 26.02.16Kalinga Mail 27.02.1628.02.2016 P-1.pmdMeghalya Times 03.03.16Orissa Today 28.02.16Sanchar 28.02.16Swadhikar Bhubaneshwar 28.02.16The Assam Post-Guwahati-New Delhi 03.03.16The Hans India 02.03.16The New Indian Express 03.03.2016The New Indian Express 24.02.16


07032016_TOIBGC_MP_21_1_COL_R1Layout 1 Highland Post-Shillong Feb 25

Jammu Bulletin 26.02.16

Kashmir Images 26.02.16

Kattu Satya 26.02.16

Meghalaya Guardian - Shillong

The Hill Times Assam

The Sree Times 26.02.16

Times of India - Education Times

Times of India_25th Feb 2016

Truly Times 26.02.16

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Early Post - 26.02.16

Education World

Garhwal Post_24th Feb 2016