The Cambridge International IGCSE curriculum

Pupils at The Doon School study the internationally recognised IGCSE curriculum, which hones understanding of key disciplines, while offering a holistic training and developing the spirit of intellectual enquiry. The IGCSE curriculum serves as the foundation for identifying specialisation at IB or ISC level.

The core subjects studied by all boys at this stage are: English Language and Literature, Hindi Language and Literature, Mathematics, a choice between Biology, Physics, Chemistry, a choice between History, Geography or Economics, and Global Perspectives.

Subject options at this level are from the following:

Physics, Chemistry, Biology or Computer Science

Pupils may select electives from the discipline of science. Each of the four subjects offered introduces pupils to the foundations of scientific enquiry, and plays a formative role in developing scientific temperament and rational thinking.

History or Geography or Economics

The three subjects offered from the discipline of Social Sciences introduce students to advanced concepts and methods used to interpret and understand the world and society. Students may opt for electives based on their individual preferences.

Accounting or Business Studies

French, Spanish, German or Sanskrit

Art or Design and Technology

Additional options include:

Life Skills, Indian Culture and History, Physical Education, Speech, Drama and Theatre, Visual Arts, Music

The Careers Information, Education and Guidance curriculum begins in the formal teaching timetable. PSAT classes begin in A form. All A form boys take this diagnostic test. The school offers comprehensive ‘Options at 16+’ which enables A form boys and their parents to be fully guided through the decision making process and be aware of all of the choices that need to be made. This takes place in the Autumn term.

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