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SUPW (Social & Community Service)
Doscos are actively engaged in Socially Useful & Productive Work.The activites include
Social service has been an integral part of The Doon School since its inception. The first Headmaster, Mr. Arthur Foot believed that “the boys should leave Doon School as members of an aristocracy, but it must be an aristocracy of service inspired by ideas of unselfishness, not one of privilege, wealth or position.” For decades since then, this has been one of the foundation principles of the school. This was long before the Indian Council for School Education (ICSE Board) structured Socially Useful Productive Work (S.U.P.W) as an ancillary, but mandatory part of its curriculum.

Over the years the Doon School has accumulated an enviable record of service. The Dosco’s have always lent their helping hand, across India, to people affected by the worst hit earthquakes, tsunamis, landslides and floods. For instance, during the 1991 Uttarkashi earthquake, when all communication lines were down, the school’s HAM radio club joined hands with the state administration and aid-providers to set up channels of communication with the base station.

All boys of the school have to complete mandatory hours of social service. The school runs a Panchayat Ghar where the students teach the underprivileged children. The School has, over the years, adopted villages and worked with the villagers in the construction of houses, community centres and school buildings; sanitation systems; energy efficiency systems; self-employment and small scale irrigation systems. Apart from village development, the school is actively involved with the Raphael Ryder Cheshire International Centre and the Cheshire Home. The School has also taken an active plunge in the slum school project in collaboration with the Gyanoday Trust, where students and teachers of the school.

The Doon School is one of the regional spearheads of the Round Square Group of Schools and regularly participates and hosts international service projects. The IAYP programme which is run by the school is a further incentive for the boys to whole-heartedly take to service projects.
Social service initiatives:
Art / Screen Printing
Audio Visual Squad
Bank Squad & Tuck Shop
Chair Squad
Child Education
Design & Technology
Estate Care
First Aid & Ambulance
House Squads
Implement Store & Anti Malaria
Information Technology
Library Committee
Lost Property Office
Paper Recycling
Stage Committee
Sunrise Club
Village Development
Weather Reporting
Website Maintenance

Latest News:



Dosco starts clean up initiative

Aviral Garg  an SC former, inspired by the Mr Modi  has begun doing his bit for  cleaning up of India. His parents have said 'We thank the school for sowing seeds for him to become a responsible citizen of India'.


Please click here for details. 



Old boy and current parent, wins award from IIT Delhi

Congratulations to Mr Lalit Pande ex 84 K class of 1963 father of Abhishek ex 99K and Ashish 284K who has been awarded the Distinguished Alumni Award for 2014. The award has been given to you for your work with the NGO, Almora empowering hill village women.


 Oakham School UK continues its Social Service partnership with Doon

The team of staff and pupils from Oakham School in the UK, have returned to work with boys from Doon on the continuing project at Rasulpur and are establishing a village school. This is their third annual visit and we are delighted that the project flourishes with Mr Anil Sarna leading the Oakham team. Oakham is a fellow HMC and IB School. 




 Cricket Match for the Blind

The second inter zonal cricket tournament for the blind was played from 19th June to 22nd June. Four teams took part in the team India Red, India Blue, India Yellow and India Green. Players from all over India came to participate in the tournament and the trophy was won by the Red India team. Chief Guest for the occasion was the Assistant Headmaster, Mr PK Nair. 


Operation Clean Up by The Doon School's Interact Club



On 30th March 2014, more than half of the school organized a huge cleaning initiative in the Indra colony. The boys were supported by children from the Bindal slum and cleared vast amounts of rubbish from the area. The school is planning to develop further events and engage other schools in this initiative to develop the area for the inhabitants to enjoy. 


Please click here for a news report on the above.



 Dosco's further the social service and social responsibility commitments in Dehradun

In early November, boys established The Doon School Interact Club which is a youth organization of the Rotary International. The school’s club was formal accepted at St Joseph’s Academy and was joined by eleven other new clubs in the city. The boys had to make a series of presentations about their social service projects. The school’s President will be Gaurav Kothari. 


Uddan a social service initiative established by boys develops in Dehradun

Boys linked with the local NGO partner Nijaat to introduce Uddan to the city and to other schools interested in joining the initiative. Uddan was established on three key principles:

1.      To create and spread awareness in schools and other public places about the harmful effects of drugs, smoking and other addictive substances all easily available for young people in India.
2.      To use the medium of drama and interactive sessions with children in slum schools and to encourage them to seek help provided by other NGO’s running rehabilitation centres.
The boys widened their support by talking to the staff and girls at Unison World School.   
Farhan Anis has led the project.



 Round Square round up from Florida Conference 2013

The Annual International Round Square conference was held at St Andrew’s School in Florida and was attended by the Sr Deputy Headmaster, Mr. Vinay Pande and Round Square Representative Mr Ambikesh Shukla. 


Five boys, Digvijay Gupta from Kashmir House, Saksham Arya from Jaipur House, Anirudh Gupta from Jaipur House, Rishavraj Das from Oberoi House and Arjun Singh Kapur from Jaipur House represented The Doon School  and had the opportunity to share their experiences with over 1000 students and educators from across the globe.  They joined other students and educators from nearly 100 Schools on six continents and more than 35 countries. 


The annual conference had from 6th – 12th October 2013 and this conference was focused on everything from service to sport and language, as well providing opportunities for sightseeing and adventure activities. 


The theme of the conference was Waves of Change and the conference aimed to challenge young people to endorse positive change in the communities and the world. 


The conference was officially opened by King Constantine of Greece and was followed by an inspiring opening speech from the HRH the Duke of York, Prince Andrew. Queen Anne of Greece was also present during the conference. 


Inspiring speeches by the keynote speakers included: Adam Braun, founder and CEO of Pencils of Promise, an award-winning nonprofit organization that has built more than 100 schools across Africa, Asia and Latin America. Other speakers included: Jessica Jackley, founder and former Chief Marketing Officer of KIVA, the world's first peer-to-peer microfinance website, Craig Kielburger, co-founder of Free The Children. Craig was 12 years old when he co-founded the organization in 1995. Today, more than 1.7 million young people are involved in its programs which have empowered more than one million beneficiaries, Marc Craig the co-founder of Me to We, an innovative social enterprise that seeks to support the work of Free The Children by providing socially conscious products and experiences and Dr. Peter H. Diamandis, an international pioneer in the fields of innovation, incentive competitions and commercial space. The ‘Diamandis’ mission is to open the space frontier for humanity. His personal motto is: “The best way to predict the future is to create it yourself.” 


 Doon's social service curriculum spearheads the Uttarkashi support, October 2013

The school made the decision that this term’s mid – term exercise would be dominated by the need to assist the areas in Uttarkashi so tragically affected by the flooding. Boys and staff found villages with landslides and roads, which had almost been washed away. Boys and medical staff from the school created a medical camp that saw three hundred people, in just a few days.

The school is committed to a long term vision for the area and understands that the area needs financial investment and is prepared to support the need of the region by re building junior and senior schools too. 





 Round Square: a round up

The school’s commitment to social service continued throughout the summer holidays.



A regional Round Square Social Service Project was hosted by the school from 3rd-13th July 2013. The project was held at Ganeshpur, Uttarkashi to help the victims of the August 2012 flash flooding.66 teachers and students from 9 different Round Square schools were involved in building washing facilities, a retaining wall and also the marking out of a field. The project was just completed in time before the monsoon hit the region this summer.












Doon and Waste Warriors attack city on fly posters



The Doon School joined forces with the local organization called Waste Warriors on 5th May. Around 1500 pupils joined forces to rally the capital city into stopping the 5,00,000 plus posters that were plastered all over the city during the recent elections. Fly posting is illegal under The Uttarakhand Prevention of Defacement of Public Property Act 2003. The school’s social service co-coordinator Mrs Amrit Burrett worked on behalf of the school on this project.



 Largest support for Terry Fox Cancer Research Run

On Saturday April 13th 2013, the fourth Terry Fox run took place in Dehradun. This charity which has been supported by this marathon titled ‘Marathon of Hope’ is now being run in Delhi, Mumbai and Chandigarh. The charity was established to raise awareness of the need to raise money for cancer research in India, which has lagged behind other research such as HIV.

The run was organised by the Indo-Canadian Cancer Research Foundation and hosted by the School. The Deputy High Commissioner Mr James Nickels and the Dr McLaughlin Headmaster waived off the marathon.


Half of the school ran the marathon and there was participation of just under two thousand runners from forty-five schools. This was the largest number of runners from any of the centres across India.



Doon leads the region in Round Square Activities

1. The Doon School hosted A Round Square International Service Project at Katapathar between the 8th and 22nd of December, 30 students and adults from 7 different countries participated in this project. The Group managed to construct toilets, a playground, furniture and teaching aids for the Katapathar village primary school. Adarsh Lanka, Dr. M. C. Joshi, Dr Amar Lanka and Ambikesh Shukla represented The Doon School.

2. The Headmaster and Ambikesh Shukla represented school at the Annual General Meeting of The Round Square of The South Asian and Gulf region. This meeting was hosted by The Indian School in Muscat.





Social Service projects celebrate Republic Day 26th January 2013


Republic Day was also celebrated at Apna Vidya Mandir Dandapur Primary School. This is also our second satellite school with a total number of one hundred students. After the flag hoisting ceremony, the students presented a short cultural programme. The function was attended not only by the students but also by the parents and other members of the community. To encourage the students who participated in the cultural programme gifts were distributed


Republic Day was also celebrated at our Apna Vidya Mandir Primary School, Mulookchand. This is our satellite school and we have a total of one hundred and forty five students of whom 60 percent are girls. The eldest person of the community was the chief guest and soon after the flag hoisting ceremony, a short programme was presented by the students of the school. 


Social Service: Medical Camp support


On 15th January 2013, a medical camp was organized at the School’s adopted village Batoli with the help of Inderash Hospital. It was a full day’s camp and over one hundred people came with their medical problems. A team of twenty doctors were present at the camp. Free medicines were distributed and patients who required further treatments were asked to visit the hospital so that they could be taken care of. No charge was to be made and for further follow ups a similar camp would be organised every second month.



Social Service in the holidays

The School’s commitment to social service has continued unabated during the winter holidays.


Below is a view from Chaitanya D Fatehpuria in Tata House who has written of his involvement in a project of his own.


 ‘Social service has always been close to my heart. Since the day I joined school, I have been actively participating in various social service activities and I had always aspired to take Doon school social service community to a whole new level. So, this year I started a social service initiative by the name of " Janani urja".( Which means Women Energy) In this project I have taken the scrap cloth from my Dad's textile industry and through laborers, I have taught the poor ladies of the villages to make carpets and rugs and in the coming term I plan on teaching them more carpets and puppets. Then I will aim to sell these carpets during school functions and also in some places outside school and the profit made is utilized for the enhancement for the project and some part is also given to the ladies as wages. So, this project provides employment to the ladies and also results in the utilization of scrap cloth. Until now, this project has been a success because ladies are actively participating in this project and all the rugs and carpets made have been sold out.


To further extend this project to other villages around Doon school, I also spent these holidays working for my project. This coming term I plan on introducing some designer carpets and some puppets. For this I went to various places in Rajasthan to see how puppets and various types of carpets are made. This trip was also a success because I also found many labourers who can teach the poor ladies to make these designer carpets and puppets in the coming term. Now I just hope that I am able to take this project to a new height.’


Carpet Making

Picture: Carpet Making


Picture: Puppet Making



Dosco to address The Global Education and Leadership Foundation

Congratulations to Sookrit Malik from Hyderabad House, who has been selected to address the Youth Leader Finalists in late November in Delhi. The Global Education and Leadership Foundation is an organization which was founded to encourage leadership is school aged pupils who could then be agents for change in their countries. The conference is titled Harmony- A Youth Festival Working Towards Co-Creating a Better Tomorrow. Sookrit will be speaking about the school’s Social Service programme and the Udaan Initiative. Sookrit was chosen for this event following a regional meeting in school last term, where he impressed the Foundation with his ideas and vision.






 Doon and IIE partnership July 2012

The School linked with The Indian Institute of Entrepreneurship to organize an awards ceremony for  seventy young entrepreneurs. They have completed their courses of Fashion Design, Mushroom Cultivation and Food Production, at the five schools being supported by the School in the locality alone. Over two hundred and fifty entrepreneurs have been trained in the last six months.

The School’s Art and Media School’s auditorium was the venue for this very special event and the Headmaster, Dr Peter McLaughlin awarded the certificates and spoke of the value that this enterprise serves to the individuals involved and the School community.


Round Square Round Up


It has been a very busy term for The Doon School , which is a global Round Square School. Boys of all ages have been involved in the three conferences held this term:

  1. Junior Regional Round Square Conference (South Asia & Gulf Region) between 21st and 25th March 2012 at Millennium School, Dubai. Ten boys were escorted by Mr Vishal Mohla had represented school in this conference. The theme for this conference was Be the Change.
  2. Annual International Round Square Conference between 2nd and 8th April 2012 at Brookhouse International School, Nairobi, Kenya. Five boys, Ambikesh Shukla and Dr.McLaughlin, The Headmaster represented school in this conference. The theme for this conference was No Existence Without Co- Existence.
  3. Junior Regional Round Square Conference (Australasian region) between 10th and 15th April 2012 at The Armidale School, Armidale, Australia. 9 boys and Nitin Chuhan represented the School. The theme for this conference was Out of the blue-Water Changes Everything.


 The Terry Fox Run April 14th 2012


For the third year, the Doon School supported the Terry Fox run, with 1200 pupils from the School and other schools running for this cancer charity in India. The Chief Guest was Major General Ranvir Yadav.Rs. 66,000 was raised on the day.





Social Service link with Groton


In a deepening relationship with Groton School USA, The Doon School worked together with pupils from Groton on the wide range of social service projects from 9th March for a week.

The Doon School has pioneered the concept of Social Service and Social Responsibility within the Indian education system and has much to show schools from overseas, about the challenges India faces in the field of social welfare.
 Boys from The Doon School also are involved in a student exchange programme with Groton on an annual basis. Groton is only one of twenty-five schools world-wide that The Doon School has a relationship with. The School is currently in the process of growing the programme.



Social Service - latest projects
Khelshala:  Since its incefption in 1935, The Doon School has believed in reaching out to the wider community as part of its social service programme. The recent initiative to work with the charity fKhelshala that is based in Chandigarh is part of our larger goal to support the under-privileged sections of society. In March this year, 14 boys escorted by Mr. Sharfuddin and Mrs.Burrett spent five days in Chandigarh working closely with Khelshala. The boys spent their mornings going door-to-door to collect clothes, musical instruments and games equipment that were then donated to Khelshala. In the afternoon, they taught the children squash, basic Mathematics and English.
Khelshala has two world class squash courts that provide free learning opportunities to the under-privileged section of  Sector 42 of Chandigarh. Squash lies at the heart of the activities at Khelshala, which attracts young boys and girls to spend their afternoons learning the finer points of this game from former Harvard coach Mr. S. Bajwa. In fact, Khelshala was started by Mr. Bajwa to promote learning through the medium of squash.
It was an enriching experience and this exposure taught the boys that life has no limitations, except for the ones set by ourselves. They realized that these children possessed an optimism and zest for life that would help them succeed. In order to broaden their horizons, it was decided to invite them to The Doon School to interact with our boys. On 4th August, 2011, six boys from Khelshala came to School to spend a weekend. They played squash with the junior School team, visited Jaipur House to see the evening toye in session, did yoga and spent time at the Music School as well as the Art and Media School. They also went sight- seeing in the evening. For children who have never been outside Chandigarh, coming to Dehradun and visiting one of the country’s leading schools was a great opportunity and experience. In the coming months we look forward to working closely with Khelshala and their mission to promote learning among the deprived sections of the society.
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