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Support For Learning

The school has recently established a learning support department and a testing regime for boys who may have dyslexia or are particularly gifted and require a strategy to support their learning and ensure their welfare as they navigate their way through school. The school uses specialist support and has begun a whole school training programme for staff to support the work of the department.

Parents and boys are strongly encouraged to discuss any potential issues or areas of concern that they may have at the point of entry and as and when they emerge by discussing the concerns at PTMs or at pre-arranged one-to-one meetings with the department, other staff and where necessary the HM.
The support is available for all boys from D to SC form.

The school has a special needs’ programme which is based upon the approach called Support for Learning. It works to help support the boys into the academic and wider life of the school by identifying their special needs in within their areas of learning. Six teachers have been trained by DRISHTI, which is an institute that Specializes in Special Education Programmes in Schools across Mumbai and the country and this is co-ordinate by the school’s special needs staff member in charge in close liaison with the two academic Deputies, Housemasters and Tutors and the Headmaster.

The programme at school has been initiated to improve the learning environment for a child with special needs. The process of identifying, which is done through screeners and a detailed look at notebooks and answer scripts by the subject teachers and the boy is then assessed through standardized tests further to which depending on the areas that need special attention the boy is put onto an IEP (individualized Education Plan) that is developed by Drishti and sent to the school. The trained teachers supervise these IEPs to ensure the boys receives full support at school and the subject teachers informed so as to ensure that the teaching- learning objectives for a particular boy reaps positive outcomes in academic performance. Along with this the boy is part of an ICP (individualized counselling programme) conducted by one of the school counsellors, to help him better understand his situation and to emotionally cope with his performance.