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Academic Department Details

Department:Department of Yoga


Academic Department Details

D Form

  • What is yoga and types of yoga
  • Basic anatomy
  • Ashtanga yoga with stories
  • Drawing of asanas using stick figure
  • Yogasana – 20 simple asanas

C Form

  • Postural deformities and yoga therapy
  • Types of meditation
  • Kundalani yoga
  • Basic physiology and muscles movements
  • Asana practice – 15 advance poses

Learning Objectives

  • Keep oneself fit and healthy at physical, mental and spiritual level
  • To understand more about self
  • To know more about Indian culture and its values
  • To overcome tiredness and day to day stress
  • To prevent diseases and deformities

Skills Acquired by the Students

  • Learning about self while performing yogic exercises
  • Improvement in the confidence level by doing yogasanas
  • Correlating yoga with modern science
  • Leadership quality by performing yogasanans in front of the class and explaining the benefits
  • Improvement in physical fitness leading to better result in sports

General Comments

Yoga is not a subject but a way of life. Students in D and C Forms are in the right age to start practising yoga for their healthy and meaningful future. The yoga syllabus is designed to help students understand the importance of the asanas and practice them well.