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Posted on : November 18, 2014

The following events are holiday based only. Boys also travel in term time nationally and internationally:

Andaman Eco Tour: 9th-19th December 2014

June 2014: Space Challenge at Kennedy Centre

Type of Trip: Educational Excursion to BARC, Mumbai

Dates: 5th-11th December, 2013

Type of Trip: International Summer School for Young Physicists (ISSYP)

Dates: 12th-28th July, 2012

Type of Trip: Edutainment to NASA Space Centre; Motivating boys for robotics and space technology.

Dates: 2nd week of June, 2012

Type of Trip: Educational Trip to Infosys Bangalore and Mysore

Dates: 30th May-4th June, 2012

Type of Trip: Scientific Trip to Geneva; European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN)

Dates: 5th-12th Dec, 2011

Type of Trip: Trip to the Chevrolet Manufacturing Plant, Pune

Dates: 30th November-4th Dec, 2011

Type of Trip: Educational Programme to NASA

Dates: 2nd-16th December, 2010